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of the study

Basic Elements in Educational

What is it?

 Design or methodology that impacted or influenced the interpretation of the

findings from the research.

 Constraints on generalizability, applications to practice, and/or utility of findings that

are the result of the ways in which initially chose to design the study and/or the
method used to establish internal and external validity.
Importance of The Limitations

 Always acknowledge a study's limitations.

 Keep in mind that acknowledgement of a study's limitations is an opportunity to

make suggestions for further research.

 Acknowledgement of a study's limitations also provides you with an opportunity.

 Claiming limitations is a subjective process because you must evaluate the

impact of those limitations.
Possible methodological limitations

Sample size  Difficult to find significant relationship from the data if

sample size too small.
 Quantitative research require a larger sample size.

Lack of  This limits the scope of your analysis, the size of your
available sample, or it can be a significant obstacle in finding a
and/or reliable trend and a meaningful relationship.
data  Offer reasons why you believe data is missing or is
Possible methodological limitations (cont.)
Lack of prior  Citing prior research studies forms the basis of your literature review
research studies and helps lay a foundation for understanding the research problem you
on the topic are investigating.
 In cases when a librarian has confirmed that there is no prior research,
you may be required to develop an entirely new research typology
(exploratory design).
Measure used to  The way in which you gathered data inhibited your ability to conduct a
collect the data thorough analysis of the results.
 Acknowledge the deficiency by stating a need for future researchers to
revise the specific method for gathering data.
Self-reported data  Self-reported data is limited by the fact that it rarely can be
independently verified.
Possible Limitations Of The Researcher
Access If the access to people, organizations, or documents is denied or limited in some
way, the reasons for this need to be described.
Longitudinal The time available to investigate a research problem and to measure change or
effects stability over time is pretty much constrained by the due date of your assignment.

Cultural and Bias is usually negative, though one can have a positive bias as well, especially if
other type of that bias reflects your reliance on research that only support for your hypothesis. If
bias you detect bias in prior research, it must be acknowledged and you should explain
what measures were taken to avoid perpetuating that bias.

Fluency in a Not proficient in the target language which is studied.


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