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Murder Mystery


By: Wesley Fink, Cooper Hochman, and Jack

What Happened

-Carleton Comet, just released from jail, decides to have a

celebration picnic with people he considered old friends or

-During the picnic, the sky went dark, a glass shattered and
Carleton Comet groaned. He was found dead when the sun came
back up, being killed with a knife.

-Police arrive, turns out Nancy Normal had cut her hand on
a bit of broken glass when the sky darkened
The Suspects

● Theresa Terra
● Glen Glee
● Nancy Normal
● Fred Flimmer
● Sam Sophomore
The Evidence
Fingerprint Analysis
The Fingerprints

Fingerprint found on scene Suspect’s fingerprints

The Match
The Note and Ink
The Note
Ink Chromatography

The Pens Belonging To The The Pen Used to Write The Note
The Result

The pen that had written the note belonged to Sam

Sophomore and Nancy Normal
Blood Type Analysis
Blood Found On The Scenes

● At Crime Scene 1, O type blood was found

● At Crime Scene 2, A type blood was found


Station # Source of Blood Blood Type


1 CC O

2 FF O

3 TT A

4 SS O
5 NN A

6 GG A

● For the first source of blood, CC, SS, or FF share

the type found on the crime
● For the second source of blood, TT, NN, or GG
share the type found on the crime
DNA At The Scene and
Karyotype Analysis
What Was Found At The Scene

Crime Scene 1 Crime Scene 2

Matching DNA

Nancy Normal, Crime Scene 2 Carlton Comet, Crime Scene 1

DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Fingerprinting Results

● CS1 was linked to CC

● CS2 was linked to NN
Due To The Presented
Evidence, The Murderer
is Nancy Normal
How We Came To The Conclusion

● The fingerprint found on the scene matched

● The pen used for the note and the one owned (partly) by NN are

the same

● NN is linked to be at Crime Scene 2/knife by the type of blood

found, DNA fingerprinting, and by karyotype type

● NN might have Huntington's Disease or Marfan's Syndrome

● Motives linked to her

First Things First

● We believe that CC is Thomas Sandstone

○ Both have many kids
○ Both have many partners
○ CC just got out of jail
○ Both have connections to the suspects.
Motive #1

● NN is in love with FF
● FF’s mother and sister were killed by TS
● As a way to win his adoration, NN killed TS
Motive #2

● NN’s cousin Nadia was the daughter of TS and

her aunt Nina
● Nadia was kidnapped and murdered
○ Nina went insane as a result
● NN could potentially blame TS for not doing
enough to stop Nina’ insanity or stop Nadia from
being kidnapped
In Addition

● NN might have Huntington's Disease

○ Causes emotional problems and can result in
a loss of cognitive skills
● NN might also have Marfan’s Syndrome
○ Possible frustration with the disease could
have cause this acting out

We affirm that NN should be charged with Murder

of the First Degree, as the motives and note show
that this event was planned in advance.