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Areas for Improvement

Lessons Learnt from

Construction of 1st Test Pile


Access to Pile Jacket

Existing ladder in use is not

safe needs improvement.

Note: Ladder to have roller

arrangements at the bottom
Access to RCD Platform

Provision of ladder from RCD platform

for any emergency

Note: Man basket is being used to

access the platform
Access around Crane in piling barge (Essem-II)

There is no space left for movement

around the Crane while it is on swing.

It is suggested the space outside the

barrier may be utilized for movement by
providing handrails along the edges and
parting section of barrier as required.
Operation of anchor winches in barge ‘Akash’

Due to non-availability of space to

install DG Set in barge (Akash),
electrical cables were taken from the
piling barge (Essem-II) to operate the
anchor winches which is not safe.
Pile concreting using concrete bucket & Crane

The length of sling used was too long

resulting in pouring at an undesired

Use of shorter length sling (1m) is

Overflowing of Concrete from hopper during the pour

The height at which the bucket was kept

rendered no visibility leading to
overflowing of concrete from hopper.

Use of wider and shorter height hopper

may be sought to sort out this issue.
Provision of air vent pipe on hopper

The bracket welded to arrest the air vent

pipe on hopper might obstruct the free
flow of concrete.

Use of clamp & bolt or other alternative

is suggested to ensure smooth flow of
Emergency Response Plan

The following points needs to be ensured as part of Emergency Response Plan

 Boat landing access at Belapur Jetty

 Standby Safety Boat / Speed boat
 Life guards at all marine fronts
 All marine movement to be controlled by the base station (SPOC) to be located
at Belapur Jetty
 First Aider on prioritized location at sea (Any of the working barges)
 Availability of dry snacks at all marine fronts

Prepared by DC Johnson

Prepared by DC Johnson