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The University of Seoul

International School of Urban Sciences

Master of Infrastructure Planning and Development

Construction Project Management

Interim Project Briefing

Topic: “The benefits of increasing road

maintenance in developing countries”
Kat Thida, Cambodia
Phonethida Phommasone, Laos
Pujan Neupane, Nepal
1. Statement of Research Proposal
2. Literature Review
3. Research Methodology
4. The Excepted Result
1. Statement of Research Proposal
 Problem
• In developing countries like Cambodia, Laos & Nepal, the fund allocated for road
maintenance have been insufficient creating maintenance backlog.

• The annual capital investment in new road construction in developing countries is

2-3% of GNP, however, the expenditure in maintenance is only 0.1-0.2%.
Maintenance is not classified as separate budget heading.
• Developed countries, like New Zealand spend 45% of total road budget in
• The roads are deteriorating at an alarming rate, imposing unnecessary cost to
1. Statement of Research Proposal
 Research Question

“ What are the benefits of increasing road maintenance budget

in developing countries?”
1. Statement of Research Proposal
 Objectives

• To analyze the impact of increasing budget in road maintenance on

project life, travel time & vehicle operating cost.
• To present the current status of investment in road maintenance in
developing countries
• Analyze the cost-benefit ratio on basis of level of road maintenance on
different surfaces (Asphalt, Concrete, Gravel & Earthen)
• To help decision makers to visualize the consequences of allocating low
maintenance budget
• To help decision makers to prioritize the road for maintenance,
allocating maintenance budget and finding alternate funding
• To recommend to allocate maintenance as separate budget heading on
capital investment
2. Literature Review

• The World Bank study on road policy of 85 developing countries, estimated that
$45 billion worth of road infrastructure had been lost due to absence of adequate
maintenance on those 85 countries.

• The study also suggests that such loss could easily have been avoided by spending
$12 billion (Equivalent to 25%) on maintenance (World Bank,1998)

• The Ministry of Surface Transport in India has estimated that $4 billion of the
roughly $39 billion in annual Vehicle Operating Cost (VOCs) could be saved through
proper road maintenance (Indian Ministry of Surface Transport 1996).

• The huge road maintenance backlog has been identified in developing countries
which is caused either by lack of maintenance or proper maintenance (Price, A.
Investing the road maintenance performance in developing countries, 2016)
2. Literature Review
 Research Gap

• Literature review on road maintenance shows that most of the

studies are published over last two decades and does not provide
current situation.

• The studies on road maintenance does not provide, enough

evidences on how the changes in level of maintenance has impact
on other variables (Life, Travel Time & VOCs) on different surfaces
(Asphalt, Concrete, Gravel & Earthen).

• It does not provides to prioritize the maintenance works, if the

funding is limited.
3. Research Methodology
Data Collection : From Cambodia, Laos & Nepal

• Independent Variable :- Level of Maintenance (%)
• Dependent Variable :- Life of Road, Travel Time & Vehicle Operating Cost (VOCs)
• The data's will be analyzed by Ms-Excel. The data will be plotted on excel and
analyze how the different level of maintenance will have different impacts on (Life,
Time & VOCs) on different road surfaces (Asphalt, Concrete, Gravel & Earthen)
3. Research Methodology

 Time Schedule
October 2018 November 2018 December 2018

W1 W2 W3 W4 W1 W2 W3 W4 W1 W2 W3 W4

1 Literature review and

Research Proposal
2 Data collection

3 Data Analysis

4 Result

5 Presentation & Report

4. Expected Result

• The result will be interpreted with the help of graph.

• It is believed that this result will present the current scenario of
maintenance in developing countries and highlights the need of
investment in maintenance.
• It is expected that with the increase in level of maintenance, the
rehabilitation & improvement of road projects will be delayed and there is
decrease in travel time & vehicle operation cost.
• The results of this research will be useful for prioritize the road
maintenance & finding alternate source for maintenance if the funding is