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Q 1. What surprise me about the capstone trip?

Ans 1. We went to many places but I was surprised to see the arrangement made by our tutor. They arranged different
OSPCE station in university of waterloo and dispensing station in university of Toronto. One more thing I would like add
is we also get chance to see Sick kid hospital sterile pharmacy.

Que 2. What was the most significant experience?

Ans 2. For me working with pharmacist in university of Toronto to solve dosage form problem for patient that was really

Que3. how was thinking changed for pharmacy technician?

Ans3. Before this trip I never thought these scopes for pharmacy technician I thought community pharmacy is only one
place for technician but after this I come to know that scope is more than I thought.

Que4. My question was to PCCA. While dispensing they have to transfer material to different vessels and during this
process some amount of product loss. So how would they compensate that lost amount of drug?
Ans4. They have their own formulary they follow that and formulary might contain formula for loss amount of drugs