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What you do not

Origin of the Sexes: Plato’s Dialogue in the
"Each of us then is the mere broken tally of a man, the result
of a bisection which has reduced us to a condition like that
of a flat fish, and each of us is perpetually in search of his
corresponding tally.”

1. Men
2. Women
3. Gays
4. Lesbians
Book of Songs
When a son is born When a daughter is born
Let him sleep on the bed Let her sleep on the ground
Clothe him with fine clothes Wrap her in common wrappings
And give him jade to play with And give her broken tiles for
How lordly his cry is! May she have no faults, no merits
on her own
May he grow up to wear crimson May she well attend to food and
And be the lord of the clan and the And bring no discredit to her
tribe. parents
Hatred/Fear of Women (5 Classics)
• The female was inferior by nature, she was dark
as the moon and changeable as water, jealous,
narrow-minded and insinuating.
• She was indiscreet, unintelligent, and dominated
by emotion. Her beauty was a snare for the
unwary male, the ruination of states.