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Find the volume of cubes and Rectangular Prism

Find the volume of cubes and rectangular Prism

•Amy has a Box measuring 25cm
long, 20 cm wide and 10 cm high.
Find its volume.
•A rectangular block of wood is 10
cm long, 8 cm wide, and 4 cm
thick. What is the volume?
• Situation 1. Jeiel has a front yard measuring 12 m long
and 7 m wide. He wants to elevate it by ½ meter
• Situation 2. Tins business is to deliver water to
His water tank measures 3 meters long, 1
meter wide, and 2 meters high.
Every morning, he delivers a tank full of
water to each of the 3 schools.
• Read the problem. Then, answer the questions that follow
Amy has a box measuring 25 cm long, 20 cm wide, and
20cm high. If she will store rice in it, how many cubic cm of
rice will it contain?
1. What is asked in the problem?
2. What facts are given?
3. What operation will be used?
4. How is the solution done?
5. What is the answer?
• Use any Strategy to solve each problem.
1. Renato went to a children's shop to buy his daughter a box
of letter cubes.
Each letter cube is a 1- unit cube.
How many letter cubes are there in a box which measures 6
units by 4 units by 2 units?
• Solve the following problems in your notebook.
1.A 5 cm x 3 cm x 5 cm container is half-filled with
salt. How much salt is still needed to completely
fill the container?
2.A container box measures 4 dm on each edge.
How much space can it hold?
3.How many Different solid figures can you form
using 24 pieces of 1 cm3 cubes? Illustrate.
• Steps in creating problems:
1.Familiarize yourself with the concepts. Think of
an application to every day life situations.
2.Think of the type of problem you want to create
and the formula to be used. Relate the problem
to real-life situations.
3.Study the solution in solving the problems
4.Make your own styles / strategies to justify the
1. An open box is 60 cm long, 30 cm wide, and 25 cm
high. Find the Volume.

2. The width, height, and the volume of a rectangular

prism are 5 cm, 3 cm,
and 120cm3, respectively. Find the length of the prism
3. A rectangular box has a volume of 2860 cm3. What
could be the dimension of its rectangular base if its
height is 40 cm?
Direction: Make problems involving the volume of a
rectangular prism with corresponding answers based
on the given situations.

1. In constructing a new building , a hole 3 m deep, 9 m

wide , and 125 m long was dug in the ground.
2. A room is 13 m high , 3 m wide , and 9 m long
3. A bar of gold is 20 dm long, 2 dm wide and 1 dm
• Create problems involving volume then, provide the

1. Brian’s tool box is 15 dm long, 6 dm wide, and 2 dm high.

1. An antique wooden chest is in the form of a cube. Its

edge is 20 cm.

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