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1. Identify 3 major
aerospace manufacturing

2. Explain how a person such as

your self can own part of an airline

3:16:23 AM
• Focus Point: How. are Aircraft
Classified? Lesson # 2
Instructional Objectives: (SWBAT):
3/29/2019 3:16 AM

1) Explain the 2 primary

classes of aircraft.
2) Discuss types of heavier than air

3) Identify 2 types of fixed wing

3:16:23 AM
I) What are the two primary classes
of aircrafts:
1) Lighter-than air:

2) Heavier- than air:

3:16:23 AM
1) Lighter-than air:

1.Hydrogen was used (flammable


2.Uses gas to keep it aloft

3.Eventually slighter heavier helium

(non flammable) was used

3:16:23 AM
II) Lighter-than air:

1) Non-rigid: “free balloon” or “hot air

balloon”, has no internal or external
framework. Has no steering

2) Rigid: blimp, gas is contained in a

fabric covered wooden or metal frame
work. A gondola (control car) is
underneath which carries engines and

3:16:23 AM
Note: The Hindenburg was a German
Zeppelin, after a successful passenger
flight began across the Atlantic caught fire
while landing in New jersey in May 1937,
killing 36 people and injuring many.

3:16:23 AM
2) Heavier-than air:

All other types.

3:16:23 AM
III) Heavier-than air:

1) Rotary wing:

Lift is generated by moving blades

overhead which act as “revolving wings”

A) Autogiro: non powered air driven blades.

Forward flight is accomplished by use of a
conventional engine and propeller.
Forward motion caused free wheeling
rotating blade.

3:16:23 AM
B) Helicopter:

• Powered by rotating

• blades may be tilted

in any direction to
control flight path.

3:16:23 AM
2) Fixed wing:

A) Seaplanes: (flying boats) uses floats or

hulls in place of conventional landing gear
to take off and land on water .

B) Landplanes: classified by location of

wing, landing gear type etc…

3:16:23 AM
3:16:23 AM
C) Amphibians: can operate either
on land or on water.

3:16:23 AM
• Focus Point: How are Aircraft
Classified? . Lesson # 2
March 29, 2019


1) What are the 2 primary

classes of aircraft?

2) What are the 2 types of heavier than air


3) What are the 3 types of fixed wing aircraft?

3:16:23 AM