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Microsoft Project

Jaipuria Institute Of management

Project and assignment:

20 Marks
o Pick any type of industry according to your choice and consider any
project that could be initiated by the respective industries.
o For Example:

1. Construction of a 2 storey building, power plant, dam, mall etc.

2. Planning and hosting any big event such as a fashion show, techno-
cultural fest, national conference etc.
3. Design and development of a new software.
4. Book Publishing
5. Developing and launching of a new smartphone, laptop computer or
any other electronic device.
6. Coming up with your own start up
7. Coming up with a revolutionary medicine
8. Organising a rally for a social cause
9. Personality development program
10. Organising and planning a training program for students/ professionals.
11. Organising a workshop
12. Organising an election
o Your project ideas are not limited to the above mentioned
examples. Coming up with your own project idea is encouraged as
long your project will produce a unique Product, service or a result.

o The scope of your project should be well defined and logical. The
tasks/activities involved in your project should be relevant to the
project and the relationship between the tasks should be logical.

o For understanding what tasks will be involved in your project you

can research online, consult your faculty, or use any other
resource. You can also consult professionals who might be experts
in the type of project you are planning.
Part-I: Project 10 Marks

1. After defining the scope of your project prepare a schedule for a project using
Microsoft Project 2010/13/16.

2. The schedule should include the following things

3. Tasks which accurately represent and describe the work in terms of

dependencies and duration to accomplish the goals of the Project. Your
Project must include a minimum of 25 tasks. ( 3 MARKS )

1. A newly created calendar which includes all the national holidays and at least
two monthly exceptions of non-working and working days each. The calendar
should be applied to the project and displayed on the Gantt.. ( 2 MARKS)

1. The plan should have at least 5 summary tasks (WBS) and your projects must
have at least 2 compulsory milestones (start and end) ( 3 Marks )

2. Calculate the total duration of your project. Save a baseline for your schedule 2

3. Submit Your Project plan online.

Part II: Assignment 10 Marks

1. Your Assignment marks will depend entirely on the above project


2. Based on your submitted project plan you’ll be given actual values

for 50 % completion of your plan which will have a finish variance.

3. Your assignment objective is to update your project with the

actual values given to you. (3 marks)

4. Then you have to bring your project back on track by schedule

compression techniques ( crushing and fast-tracking)
(4 marks)

5. Prepare a report of ‘Project Overview’ based on the current

status of your project. (3 Marks)
For your project the following documents have to submitted online via

1. Your project plan in MS Project .mpp Format.

Based on your plan you’ll be given actuals for your project for 50%
completion for your Assignment. After updating your project and bringing it
back on track, the following documents are to be submitted.

1. Your updated project plan .mpp format.

2. ‘Work overview’ report of your updated plan.

All documents to be mailed at vinod@promac.in


• Project templates are available for reference only
online and can be accessed from MS Project 2016

• File Tab > New > Search for your category

• Your project plans will be analyzed thoroughly. Your

plans should not match the templates completely.

• Plans found to be exactly same as the templates are

a subject to deduction of marks.
Over a thousand templates to research from………