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Client Servicing

Importance of client servicing


Client servicing on the other hand is a top-level skill every Account Manager needs to strive to. The main job
of an Account Manager who wants to be successful in Client servicing is to keep track of market trends, the
industry and the client’s competition and needs to know how to utilize all this information to the client’s
advantage. He is responsible for cooperating with the agency team to develop creative ideas and strategies
for campaigns relevant to the client, to manage day-to-day operations/projects and to work on building a long
term client/agency relationship.
Client Service Department
In a company presents of specific client department is important. Specificly that department focus
on build client servicing skills. It is extremely to create a good working rapport with each and every
customer who walks into your premises for your services. Making a happy client completely depends
on the situation and how does the client services.
Client Servicing AMCAT Mapping
Assessment for the ‘Right’ Client Servicing Manager
The following Profile
table illustrates how various skills and personality traits map to assessments required for Client Servicing Manager role:
Communication Skills English : Mid to High

Interpersonal Skills Agreeableness (Personality*)

:Mid to High
Extraversion: Mid

Problem Solving Skills Problem Solving (SJT**) - High

Logical Ability: Mid to High

Customer Focus Customer Centricity (SJT)- Mid

Customer Expectation
Management (SJT)- Mid

Ability to handle Self Management (SJT) - Mid

pressure Emotional Stability (Personality)
: Mid to High
Assessment for the ‘Right’ Client Servicing Manager
The following table illustrates how various skills and personality traits map to assessments required for Client Servicing Manager role:
*AMPI - Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory
**SJT - Aspiring Minds' Situation Judgment Test for Mid Management
Client Servicing Skills

Client Servicing Skills is a very vital part of the service industry. You treat your customers right you will
attain great success in this industry. In fact, your company motive should be easy customer service.
Companies spend too much on customer loyalty research however they forget the basic training they
should be giving their customer service executive in order to make customer service easy for them.
With the simple formula of giving your customers value and alleviate you reduce your chances of
losing your customers to your competitors.
Basic beliefs of Client Servicing Skills

1.Trust your customer as a pathway to your career growth and do not miss trust your customer to be your enemy.
Even handling the most irate and irritating customer is a way of growing as a client servicing skills for the

2.Understand basic customer expectation as the customer pays a sum from your products and services hence
they expect you to address their needs. They want you to give them value, positive memories of your service,
easiness, and gratitude in return for their customer loyalty.

3.Remember one thing you need to make customer service easy or servicing your clients easy and not difficult
when a customer finds complexity in service and products they are not interested in spending their time and
money. Hence considering customer service difficult is better than considering its high status. For a few
businesses complexity makes their brand look very valuable, however, some very fine hotels make customer
service very easy.

4.Easy customer service has very minimum cost and it brings you much more than the cost spent.

5.Earning customer loyalty is only going to work if you make servicing easy and understandable for the customer.
Client Servicing Skills are

1.Keep your attitude correct.

2.Listen carefully and reciprocate on time by being proactive.

3.Don’t overload the customer with your shift end.

4.Keep the service easy, transparent and courteous to the


5.Make sure you honor your customer

6.Don’t make the customer repeat themselves from table to table

7.Let the customer talk it out
8.Give resolution before it turns to a complaint

9.Make the customer feel wanted and important

10.Cash on the most basic human need

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