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Export opportunities of medical

equipment in India

Amil Ajith
Antony Peter Venat Yesudasan
Mohammed Shibil
Boby Maliyekkal Siby
 Solution for Human Robot Interaction
 Established in 2006
 It’s a Canadian Company that operates Worldwide over 35 countries
 Their Mission is to empower Humanity through Robotics

 Surgical Robotics and Assistive solution

 Assistive robots are for people with upper limb immobility
 Robotics Technology Helps to improve Patients Outcome
 Safe and user friendly robots
 Canada has a better trade relationship with India in various fields
 Indian government focussing on imports of advanced medical devices and equipment
Research Objectives

 To determine the demand for medical equipment in India ( especially for

persons suffering from upper limb) in order to gain knowledge about export
 To find out how much of the medical equipment are to be exported to India, for identifying the
current requirement of product.
 To identify the role of competitors in medical equipment manufacturing in India, so that we can
set our goals according to it.
 To determine the major users of medical equipment in India, in order to plan the export and
manufacturing requirement of the product.
Business Opportunity
In world, there are many people suffering from disabilities and interesting fact is that estimated
number of children with disabilities between 0 and 18 years range between 93 million and 150
2.1 of Indian population has a disability, a humbling figure ranging between almost 20 – 40
million people
In India 27% of total relationship
death happened between
due to lack of proper India and
health care system. Canada are so
for so good.

Government focussing more on imports of medical devices and
equipment from other countries in order to make
Indian health care system more systematic.”
Kinova being successful in Canada, China and Germany, It’s the right time to
expand their business in Asian countries especially in India which is 7th largest
populated country in the world.

( Kinova Assistive Robots )


 Found on qualitative and quantitative analysis

Primary source:
 Interviews with TFO Canada and ITPO (Indian trade promotion org).
 Surveys and questionnaires take from Indian medical industries and customers
Estimation taken from 40 different medical industry.
Secondary sources:
 Information's taken from both governmental and non governmental sites.
 Health India.
 Export development Canada.
 Reports and journals.
 Government of India.
 Indian consumers and medical industries .
Implementation plan

 Initial information's are gathered : week 1

 Implementing and designing the research inquiry: 2 days
 Data collection: 4 days
 Data interpretation : 1.6 weeks
final estimated budget is roughly 11000 CAD

The research is to

 Identify the potential market opportunities of medical equipment in India

 Increase the export of product from Canada to India.
 Provide sophisticated medical equipment to help people who are suffering
from upper limb.