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Presented by

Zain Ahmad Khan

B.Com (AMU), MBA (JMI)
 Innovation and entrepreneurship are considered as one of
the main drivers of economic growth in the current scenario
 Innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly
improved product, good or service, or process, a new
marketing method, or a new organisational method in
business practices, workplaces organisation or external
relations (OECD, 2005)
 Entrepreneurs are those business owners who seek to
generate value, through the creation or expansion of
economic activity, by identifying and exploiting new
products, process or markets (OECD, 2007b)
 Innovative economies are more productive, more resilient, more
adaptable to change and better able to support higher living
standards. Thus it is an important driver of economic growth and
development (OECD, 2015).
 Drucker, P. (2014), observed that Innovation is the specific tool
of entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit change as an
opportunity for a different business or service
 Schumpeter (1934), highlighted the relationship between
entrepreneurship and innovation and their impact on economic
development. He termed "entrepreneur as innovator" and
considered innovation as an essential driver of competitiveness
and economic dynamics.
 Wennekers & Thurik (1999), have identified entrepreneurship as
a micro driver of innovation and economic growth.
 With the government keen on promoting
entrepreneurship among youngsters with its projects
like ‘Startup India, Standup India’, and also providing
tax reliefs to entrepreneurs, it becomes necessary to
study whether entrepreneurship contributes towards
economic growth and development of India and also of
its counterpart countries of Brazil, Russia, China &
South Africa
 To examine the innovation standards of BRICS nations
and its relationship to their economic development
 To study entrepreneurship in the light of economic
 H1: Innovation is a contributing factor to the economic
development of a nation
 H1: Entrepreneurship contributes to the economic
development of a nation
 The proposed research will be conducted by using
secondary data from reports, newspapers and govt
 The proposed tools for data analysis are Pearson
Correlation Coefficient, Regression and the software in
use would be SPSS
 The results of this study will not only highlight the
entrepreneurial standards of BRICS nations but also
help the policy makers in knowing the role played by
entrepreneurial innovation in the economic growth &
development of the nations
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