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Press Tooling

Extrusion’s Main Support

AEC Presentation
November 2005
Thumb Tool & Engineering
Press Components
 Supporting the Extrusion Process

• Containers
• Stems
• Dummy Blocks
• Clean-out Blocks
• Shear Blades
• Die Rings
• Bolsters
• Platen Rings
Trite but True
 Never forget or underestimate the
importance of the press tools.
 Always maintain them in like-new
condition as much as possible.
 It’s a pay me now or pay me later
 Poorly maintained press tools create
a multitude of other problems.
Around the Industry
 Some companies we visit seem to
take their press tools for granted or
do not realize their importance.
 Bad habits are hard to break.
Tooling is relatively easy to destroy.
 Maintaining your tooling does cost
you but not nearly so much as “not
maintaining it”.
Common Problems

 Poor Press Alignment.

 No PM Program.
 Bad Habits of Operators.
 Cracked Bolsters.
 Damaged Platen Rings.
 Poorly Maintained Container Heating.
 Poor Housekeeping Practices.
 Die must be on center with platen
• Die Alignment Ring Use
 Container on center with die
 Stem centered in Container
• Taper gauge use
 Must become a priority.
Good Container Sealing
Depends Upon:

 Die face condition.

 Die ring condition.
 Container face design.
 Sealing pressure.
 Properly fitted tool stack.
Block Life
 Factors that affect block life.
• Alignment
• Rotation practice
• Container condition
• Dimensional Control
• Care and maintenance
Recommended PM’s
 Check alignment regularly.
 Change container monthly.
 Change shear blade monthly.
 Change dummy block weekly.
 Rotate block daily if possible.
 Clean tool carrier at each die change.
 Inspect bolsters and rings monthly.
Container Element Gauges

The container elements are subject to

shorting out or faulty connections that
result in a decrease or uneven container
Press personnel should be trained to watch
for warning signs. Press Operators should
check the container temperature and amp
gauges on each shift.
Heating Element Power

Wiring is subject to damage from vibration and

work being done in the area.
Things could be worse….

Gas fired
Platen and Platen Ring
The front platen is weakened when the “ears”
are added to accommodate very wide sections.
Broken Platen Ring

This platen ring was replaced and the new one broke right away because it
was not seated properly. Check flatness of area where ring seats.
A damaged container face can cause a multitude of problems. High scrap,
downtime, blisters, blow holes, just to name a few. Your provider can help
with improved maintenance suggestions and a custom face design.
Costly way to create
modern art.


This ram stem fell apart when removed from the press. The next
The stem was bent. Tie rods
damaged. Front platen moved by 1¼”
Alignment Problem??

This shows how far out of alignment things were when the container
sealed on the die before the wreck occurred.
Alignment Check

Leave a butt on the die and measure from edge of butt to edge
of die ring in four places.
Alignment Check
Look at the damage to the face of the bolster. What
caused this problem and what will be the result if
someone tries to use it like this?

An extruder in another country has an unusual distraction.

Check out the next door neighbor.

Damaged bolsters result in broken dies, late orders, and high costs.
Is this the right way to treat your dies? We hope you say NO.
Die rings should be
kept clean.
Your platen ring should be
inspected for flatness on a
quarterly basis and changed
Damaged platen rings result in broken bolsters. Ask your
TTE tech service person about the music method for
finding cracks in bolsters.
Your block supplier can help you determine the causes for blow-
by of aluminum and can recommend ways to increase block life.
Dummy Block Parts
Maintenance Man’s Concern

Don’t let those press downtime

situations drive you to drink.

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