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Guidelines for Faculty Presentation

Details to be Included in Presentation

1. Slide 1: Faculty Background (Template as indicated in subsequent slide titled ‘Faculty Background (Indicative Template)’)
2. Slide 2: Summary of Past Work Experience
3. Slide 3: Summary of Current Work Experience in VIT
4. Slides 4-6 : Research contributions: Key research areas and research activities (highlight the top one or two research activities
and research publications in the area of the research activity)
5. Slide 7: In case of Non Ph. D. Candidates (Applicable for candidates currently pursuing Ph.D. as well as candidates who are yet
to register for Ph.D.) : Date of Ph.D. Registration, Place of Ph.D. Registration, Estimated Time for Completion of Ph.D., Title of
Ph.D. Research Thesis, Top 3 Researchers in India for the Topic of Research Chosen, Top 3 Laboratories in India for Topic of
6. Slide 8: Short Term Research Goals and Long Term Research Goals
7. Slide 9: Details of Research Proposals Submitted to Funding Agencies: Title of Research, Name of Funding Agency, Status of
Approval, Amount of Funding
8. Slide 10 : Academic Contribution: Courses, Electives, Innovative Delivery Mechanism, Development of New Laboratories
9. Slide 11 : Vision for faculty’s personal growth: Short term and Long term
10. Slide 12 Faculty’s plan/roadmap for supporting vision of VIT: Department level and Institute Level
11. Slide 13 : Any other details that the faculty would wish to present to the panel
Duration of Presentation
Maximum 15 minutes
Faculty Background

Faculty Name Srihari Mandava

Date of Birth 01/05/1982

Faculty Department Department of Electrical Engineering

Total Number of Years of Experience 11

Number of Years of Experience in VIT 8.5

Details of UG (Year and Institution) Sri Sarathi Institute of Engg and Technology, JNTU, 2005

Details of PG (Year and Institution) BIT Mesra, 2007

Details of Ph.D. (Year and Institution) VIT University, 2018

Title of Ph. D. Thesis

TCS- Chennai, Gayatri Vidhya Parishad –Vizag,

Places of Work
VIT – Vellore
Summary of Past Work Experience

• TCS - Chennai
Appointed as an Assistant Software Engineer at TCS, Chennai.
Analyzed business rules requested by the user and updated the existing maintenance & technical
Also responsible for interactions with onsite clients for gathering their requirements.
Gained knowledge on overall quality of the project and handled all deliverables within SLA.

• Gayatri Vidhya Parishad –Vizag

Teaching and Mentoring the students
Have got 100% pass in Electrical Machines subject by the ECE students for the first time in the
college history.
Have attained more confidence on Teaching service and laid a path for my future.
Summary of Current Work Experience in VIT
• Designated at the prestigious VIT University as an Assistant Professor.
• Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate students on Electrical subjects
• Ensuring the course design and lectures comply with quality standards and regulations of
the university and department.
• Ensure a world class learning environment for the students.
• Demonstrate practical experiment based understanding of the principles of research-led
• Make research based quality publications in collaboration with my colleagues.
• Monitoring student center activities, conducting specialized club events, in-house
seminars, research workshops, student visits to industries etc..
• Currently striving to develop effective and essential leadership skills in students and their
groups through comprehensive leadership education and diverse experiences.
• Provide career advice and student mentoring support.
• Ensure that information and advice to students concerning employment and fellowship
opportunities is effectively obtained and communicated.
Research contributions
• Research Areas

 Power Quality(key research area)

• Research Activities
• The research activities are focused in the following areas:

• a) Power System Harmonics measurement analysis

• b) Harmonics Analysis
• c) Harmonics Reduction

 Total No. of Publications : 17

 Journal publications : 14
 Conference proceedings : 03
 Under Communication : 02
Research contributions
• Mandava, Srihari, J. Vanishree, and V. Ramesh. "A Spanning Tree
Approach in Placing Multi-channel and Minimum Channel PMU's for
Power System Observability." International Journal of Electrical and
Computer Engineering 5.3 (2015): 518.
• Ramesh, V., and Srihari Mandava. "Microgrid Design and Control
Using a Discrete Proportional Resonant Controller." International
Journal Of Renewable Energy Research 5.4 (2015): 1041-1048.
• Sabberwal, S. P., & Mandava, S. (2013, March). Energy conservation in
VIT University electrical system. In Automation, Computing,
Communication, Control and Compressed Sensing (iMac4s), 2013
International Multi-Conference on (pp. 425-431). IEEE.
PhD Details
Date of Ph.D. Registration: December 2010
Place of Ph.D. Registration: VIT, Vellore
Estimated Time for Completion of Ph.D. : Oral Viva is scheduled on 19/6/2019
Title of Ph.D. Research Thesis:
Improved Methods for Power System Harmonics Measurement, Analysis
and Elimination
Researchers in India for the Topic of Research Chosen:
Dr.Nagaraja , PRDC ,Banglore
Dr.Ramakalyan , NIT, Trichy
Dr. B. S. Umre , VNIT, Nagpur
Laboratories in India for Topic of Research
PRDC, Banglore
Short Term Research Goals
Extensive research work on Power Quality improvement.
Like to be a mastery in software packages like Labview, PSCAD for doing good
Publish at least two papers in reputed journals every year.
 Start research work on Effective grounding of Power Systems & Applications of
IoT in Power Systems.
Involve more number of students on this areas and take their innovative ideas for
good quality research .
Conduct National and International level seminars, conferences and work shops
on this areas.
 Have a collaborative research work with foreign professors on the same and get
good publications.
 Collaborate with industries and get the real time problems to work on.
 Get funding from external agencies for the research work.
Long Term Research Goals
Become a good consulting engineer on Power Quality issues & do research on
Effective Grounding of Power Systems .

Establish good labs with the past projects guided with funding.

Make sure that more students do good research on these areas using this labs and
push their work to new levels of achievement.

Conduct a prestigious workshop and conference at the international level.

Will look for more quality publications and good research scholars comes out in
this area.

Look for new areas to continue research and contribute more to the future research
Academic Contribution
• Guiding and monitoring individual and collaborative research projects.
• Publishing articles in good journals .
• Contributing the best in teaching load as per norms of VIT.
• Encouraging the students to do good research work.
• Proctoring and mentoring the students.
• Conducting industry visits to students.
• Encourage the students to follow the professional ethics and values in and
outside VIT.
• Making use of online tools for effective teaching.
• Co-ordinating Power and Energy student chapter and conducting various
technical events and workshops with students.
• Acting as class co-ordinator and get good co-ordination between students and
• Conducting challenging experiments in laboratories.
Vision for Personal Growth
• To be as a continuous learner and excel in the course I handle.
• Do a good research , apply and get funding for research.
• Prepare virtual labs.
• Be a good consulting engineer on my research areas.
• To see my students in best positions and doing good service to
• To become a best teacher and get 100% students’ satisfaction from
class and lab.
• To work in reputed positions of administration and contribute the
best to students and VIT.
• To help the students at my best in proctoring and mentoring.
• To be as a role model for my students.
Roadmap for supporting vision of VIT
• Do a good quality research and publications.
• Do best academic service to students and be a good proctor.
• Apply and get funding from external funding agencies.
• Get patents through VIT.
• Set up new and challenging advanced research labs .
• Collaborate more with good ranking global institutes and industries.
• Make sure that more research contribution is done from Electrical
Machines lab (as a lab in-charge now).
• Encourage the students and faculty to effectively utilize the machines lab
and get benefited.
• Deliver guest lectures, organise workshops ,international conferences and
through these get more recognition for VIT.
• Support VIT to achieve its vision.