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Discrimination at

ABC Company
Table of Contents

 Slide 1 – Title Page  Slide 7 – Research Methods

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 Slide 3 – Background  Slide 9 – Data Analysis Technique
 Slide 4 – Type of Communication  Slide 10 – Personnel Management
Action Plan
 Slide 5 – Purpose
 Slide 11 – 6 Ways to Avoid
 Slide 6 – Problem Statement
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 ABC Company is a clothing store sizes newborn to plus size.

 Founded in 2000 by Spencer Rathus in Tontitown, AR.
 In 2005, ABC Company opened four more locations.
 In 2010, ABC Company opened another five locations.
 205 employees throughout
 20 employees at nine of the locations, 25 at the main branch in
Tontitown, AR
 Accused of discrimination
 If settled out of court, the cost averages $40,000 plus 10%
attorney costs.
 If settled in court the cost could be over $1,000,000.
Type of Communication

 Informative Press Release


 Assure that ABC Company reviews

and revises their policies and
procedures, to ensure that unfair
hiring procedures no longer happen
(Petersen, 2019).
Problem Statement

 Discrimination is against the law because everyone should be

treated equally and not discriminated for their age, gender, or race
(Personnel Today, 2013).
 Finding a solution by revising the policies and procedures is
important so that accusations of discrimination does not happen
again in the future (EEOC, n.d.).
 If this issue is not addressed, ABC Company will face fines from the
federal government and expose itself to further lawsuits for unfair
hiring practices. A company could be forced into bankruptcy
without these changes (EEOC, n.d.).
Research Methods

 Reviewing/observing
 Interview notes of anyone was not hired
from outside the company, as well as
current and previous interview
candidates (Hermle, 2017).
 Survey of quantitative nature
 To be given to those who applied for
positions within the organization who
were not chosen (Hermle, 2017).
Data Collection Tool

 According to Hermle (2017), in order to collect the data we are

needing, we will comb through HR records of those who were
interviewed but not chosen.
 Then, we will send out surveys to candidates within the company
who did not receive promotions for which they applied.
 Finally, we will provide a list to the corporate attorney, of potential
cases of discrimination.
Data Analysis Technique

 The survey will be of quantitative

 A scoring system will be used to
determine who has been affected.
 Anyone who meets a specific score,
their name would be turned over to
the corporate attorney for review and
Personnel Management Need
Action Plan
 Revise the policies and procedure of the organization, relating to hiring

 Bring organization into compliance with state and federal laws.

 Conducted by HR personnel, working in conjunction with corporate attorneys.

 Notification to all associates of the changes, along with easy access to


 Once changes have been figured out, they will take place within a month.

 Determination of cost

 How many years will be reviewed, the number of jobs posted, number of

 The cases will be turned over to the corporate attorney.

 Typically charges $280 an hour in the state of Arkansas.

 If the problem is at other locations, then it will have to be determined if

it is more feasible for the organization to file bankruptcy or try to weather
the storm.

 The solution is of high urgency. A hiring freeze should be put into place until
new policies and procedures are established. Further research will be needed.
6 Ways to Avoid Discrimination
According to Padula Bennardo
Levine (2017).
 Create a detailed description of the job duties and responsibilities of
the position.
 Analyze and detail the expertise and skills required.
 Determine education and experience requirements.
 Ask the same interview questions of all candidates – and avoid
illegal ones.
 Take careful notes during each candidate interview.
 If possible, arrange for another interviewer to be present at an
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