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• The PNP Field Training Officers Development Program
(FTODP) shall apply to PNP uniformed personnel with
the ranks raging from PO3 to PCINSP who are qualified
to become Field Training Officers (FTOs) to Police
Trainees (PTs) and to the Newly Appointed Police
Commissioned Officers (NAPCOs) under the 2nd phase
of the Field Training Program (FTP). The ranks of Police
Inspector to Police Chief Inspectors were included in
this program to serve as FTOs to suitably
accommodate NAPCOs.
• In accordance with Sec 19 of RA 8551, “All uniformed
members of the PNP shall undergo a Field Training
Program for twelve (12) months involving actual
experience and assignment in patrol, traffic and
investigation as requirement for permanency of their
References and Memo Circulars Field Training Program (FTP)

PNP Field Training Manual 2011

Salient Points

• Daily Observation Report

• Standardize Evaluation Guidelines (SEG)
• Performance Evaluation Policies and Methods
• Recruit Skills Mastery Checklist
References and Memo Circulars Field Training Program (FTP)

PNP MC 2014-017 FTODP , June 10, 2014

Salient Points

• 2nd phase 15 day training program

• only FTODP graduates are certified FTOs
• FTODP shall be a pre requisite for PSSLC
References and Memo Circulars Field Training Program (FTP)

PNP MC 2016-006 Revised PNP FTODP

Salient Points

• FTODP and FTOC distinction

• FTOC 10 day training program
• Inclusion of Newly Appointed Promoted Commissioned Officers
• FTODP shall be a pre requisite for PSSLC
• Service Duty is no longer requisite for PSSLC
• FTOC remains a mandatory requirement for PSSLC
• one FTO for each phase of FTX
• Creation of Regional Field Training Officers Selection Board
References and Memo Circulars Field Training Program (FTP)

PNP MC 2016-053 Addendum to Revised PNP

Salient Points

• PPSC shall issue certificate of 6 months BRC

• RSTU shall issue certificate 6 months FTX and certified by RD
or Director NSU
• Admin personnel of station are given duty to check the daily
attendance of FTO and shall submit ot the PPO then to the
RPHRDD copy furnish RSTU
References and Memo Circulars Field Training Program (FTP)

PNP MC 2016-053 Addendum to Revised PNP

Salient Points

• Pre dispatch orientation shall be conducted by RSTUs

• FTOs are not allowed to go on leave during FTOSD unless on
the mentioned justifiable cause
References and Memo Circulars Field Training Program (FTP)

PNP MC 2016-053 Addendum to Revised PNP

Salient Points


Conduct Saturday inspection

Carry out daily road run
Evaluation at every phase
Assist in the evaluation process
Field Training Program (FTP)- 12 month training
a. 3 months PSOOC and 3 months PSOBC at the Regional Training
b. 6 months Field Training Exercise (FTX) conducted by RSTUs

Field Training Officers Development Program (FTODP)- program that

composes 2 phases
a. Field Training Officers Course- 17 day seminar
b. FTO Service Duty – 183 days service duty

Field Training Coordinator (FTC)- Training Manager

Police Trainee (PT)- called OJTs On the Job Trainees

NAPCO- Newly Appointed Police Commission Officer

FTX/OJT Phase Duration (inclusive of 3
days evaluation at the
end of every phase)
Patrol 85 days
Investigation 60 days
Traffic 30 days
Final Evaluation 5 days
TOTAL 183 days

 Privilege is not the same as Regular Police Officer
 Under training

 Pregnancy Test for Female before Deployment

 Not allowed to go on leave

 Only the TM has the authority to grant pass

 Passes is ONLY ALLOWED

 Court Hearing
 Death of spouse, ascendant, descendant, Siblings
 Immediate Medical Concern
 Command Activity
 Should Stay In One Compound

 Separate Room For Female But In Same Compound With Male

 Should Be Vetted By The Police Station For Safety And Security

 Maintain Logbook and Duty Detail acknowledge by NAPCOs and

Noted by FTO

 Designate Recorder/Desk officer From 5pm To 10pm

 Abide rules and regulation of the resident manager

 Avoid rowdy attitude and activities that might disturb the

residential compound or put the PNP in badlight
Policies and Procedures

 NAPCOs are not allowed to JOIN REGULAR POLICE


 Checkpoints

 Hot Pursuit Operation


 Police Intervention

 Attend Seminars ,Trainings

 Active observer, Passive performer

Policies and Procedures

Use NAPCO Arm Band

Not to Carry Firearms
Not to Drink in Public Places
Not to Enter in Casino, Gambling Dens and Houses of Ill Refutes
Do not Post compromising Pictures, Statements, and opinions
in Social Media
No posting of PNP memorandums, orders, letters in Social
Other Issuances
Abide with the STANDARD TRAINING PACKAGE schedule
Sunday is Wash Day , 12-1 Lunch

Weekly After Activity Report (AAR)

Create FB for the Class
To be posted in Social Media Daily Devotion Activity
(Morning and Night)
Reveille , Stretching Exercise, Jog Walk,
FTX Timeline For NAPCOs 2019
# of # of
Days Hours
Apr 10-12, 2019 3 24  RSTU Orientation
 Courtesy Call to PD
 Courtesy Call to COP, Mayor, SB
 Familiarization of Boundaries , Vital Installations,
VIPs , Crime: Clock, Trend, Prone Areas
Apr 13-21, 2019 7 56  Do’s and Dont’s in the Police Station
 Conduct Review on the Implan Semana Santa of
your City/Municipality Practical exercise Nr 1. per
 Holy Week Detail
 Basic Duties, and Responsibilities of a Patrol Officer
 Police Intervention Management
Apr 22-28, 2019 7 56  Formulate IMPLAN: Halalan ( Scenario Attack of
NPA within the outlying polling Center w/in AOR
per Municipality ) Practical Exercise Nr.2 per team
FTX Timeline For NAPCOs 2019
# of # of
Days Hours

 Police Community Relation/ Information’s Operation

 Determine Crime which will happen on Election Day
Apr 29- May 05, 2019 7 56
 Formulate checklist on crimes which will happen during
Election Day Practical Exercise Nr 3.

May 06-May 12, 2019 7 56  PNP Operational Procedure 2013 Lecture

 Conduct SSI of Vital Installation w/ AOR , one per
May 13-May 19, 2019 7 56
NAPCO Practical Exercise Nr 4

 Review and make a position paper on the

May 20-May 26, 2019 7 56 improvement of Deployment Plan W/ AOR per team
Practical Exercise Nr5
FTX Timeline For NAPCOs 2019

# of # of
Days Hours

 Formulate Implan : “Lock Down “ conduct of Quad

driven operations , consider simultaneous deployment
May 27-Jun 02, 2019 7 56 of dragnet oprn outside and within AOR (possible
scenario Shooting to death of VIP) Practical Exercise Nr 6
per team

 Conduct SSI on the CPS/MPS focusing on the insider

threat and outsider threat , on people, Information,
Jun 03- Jun 09, 2019 7 56
Policies and Equipment. Practical exercise Nr 7. per
July 10-15, 2019 6 48  Evaluation Patrol Phase