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Curriculum Management

Curriculum Evaluation

By: Prof. Dan C. Galarion

Kellough and Kellough’s Curriculum
Development Model

3. “Extraneous” Influences
4. Educational Plan (Influences of Outside Factors
• Content
• Instruction

1. Needs of
Implementation • Students
• Society
• Subject

5. Evaluation and 2. Educational

Revision Philosophy
What is evaluation?
Evaluation describes how to assess the nature,
impact and value of an activity through the
systematic collection, analysis and
interpretation of information with a view to
making an informed decision
• Evaluation involves 3 activities:
o Outlining clear purposes
o Gathering evidences
o Judgment
• Evaluation is part of development rather
than apart from it.
Approaches to curriculum evaluation
• Goal-based
– Determining whether pre-stated goals of educational or training
programs were met.
• Goal-free
– Uncovering and documenting what outcomes were occurring in
educational or training programs without regard to whether they
were intended program goals focus.
• Responsive (contingency-unforeseen event)
– Comparing what was intended for instruction to what actually was
Stufflebeam CIPP Model
• Context
• Input
• Process
• Product
• Context
– Planning decisions
• What needs are to be addressed ?
• Defining objectives for the program ?
• Input
– Structuring decisions
• What resources are available ?
• What alternative strategies should be considered?
• What plan has the best potential ?
• Process
– Implementing decisions
• How well is the plan being implemented?
• What are the barriers?
• What revision are needed?
• Product
– Recycling decisions
• What result are obtained?
• Were need reduced?
• What should be done with the program?
Curriculum Evaluation Checklist
Educational Stance

• What is the role of the teacher?

• Describe the view of the student held by the curriculum.
• Are there a variety of learning styles accommodated in the
curriculum? Describe them.
• Is it age appropriate?
• Are there options for the teacher to choose from?
Curriculum Evaluation Checklist
Additional Considerations

• Are the student materials attractive and inviting?

• How long would it take to prepare a lesson each week?
• Are the materials readily available?
• What are the costs per student if you were to choose this
curriculum? (Add the cost of teaching
• materials, student materials and additional materials, and
then divide by the number of students in your class.)