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Proposal Master Franchisee

ME ( Meat and Eat)


This Document is for information purpose only. Nothing stated here, explicit or implied, constitutes a legal
relationship. The Franchise Agreement will supersede all verbal and written commitments. We request to
treat this document as confidential Material . As a result this proposal should not be disclosed , used or
duplicate-in whole or part in for any purpose

Kavi Protein & Feed Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to revise terms and to accept or reject a franchise, Without
assigning any reason whatsoever

A Venture of Kavi Group

2 Strictly Confidential
Circle of Content

Management Profile

Snapshots of ME About ME ( Meat and

Growth & Conclusion Eat )

Proposal Master
Process of Proposal Franchisee

Project Management &


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1. Management Profile

4 Strictly Confidential
Management Profile

 Kavi group was incorporated in 1997 in Bangalore as a trading company selling poultry medicine
and vaccines. The company later diversified into broiler integration. Kavi now has its own
breeding farms, hatcheries, feed factories, commercial broiler farms producing 30 million kg of
chicken per year, integrated farms across Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka, a state-of-the-art
processing unit, retail outlets and QSRs with an overall business turnover close to Rs. 300 crores

 Kavi is now a well-known brand in South India making its own benchmark in the poultry industry
being associated and sharing its success with over 1000 farmers.

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Management Profile

 Kavi Protein and Feed Pvt Ltd - This Company manufactures and markets animal feed across
South India. It has a feed mill with a production capacity of 5000 MT /Month in Nelamangala,
Bangalore. The company has added value to the group with vast expansion in the integration of
broiler farms. The company's advanced hatcheries, quality feed and best farm management
practices ensure high quality broiler chicken. As forward integration, the company has invested a
sizable amount in erecting a state-of-the-art chicken processing plant in Krishnagiri.
 The processing plant is equipped with ice plant, chilling room, freezer room, blast freezers,
effluent treatment plant, rendering unit, Vacuum tumbling and other hi-tech machinery with highly
skilled labourers to ensure the production of hygienic and healthy chicken. The plant is capable
of supplying up to 6000 kg of processed meat in different cuts and portions on a daily basis. The
meat can be supplied in either form, chilled or frozen, in reefer vehicles based on customer's
need. The company has its own retail outlets and QSRs under the brand name “ME – Meat and
Eat” in Bangalore, Chennai , Krishnagiri, Hosur, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Dharmapuri, Salem ,and
Trichy with plans to progressively add new outlets to ensure a strong presence of the brand
across South India.
 Kavi Poultry - A milestone organization which has given vertical growth for Kavi Group with its
activities spread over trading of hatching eggs, broiler chicks, integration of commercial layer
birds, and Broiler farming. The activities of commercial farming are spread over Tamilnadu,
Karnataka and Kerala. Currently, this company is growing chickens with a weekly replacement of
300,000 chicks.

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2. ME – Meat and Eat

7 Strictly Confidential
ME –Meat and Eat

 ME, Meat and Eat is a Bangalore – Based Fast

food chain incorporated in the year 2013 a unit
of Kavi Protein and Feed Pvt Ltd.,
 ME House state-of-the-art technology to
produce exquisite meat-based culinary delights
 ME experienced chefs strive to artfully combine
international taste with dishes of Indian flavour
to build delicious menu
 ME Success is visible in flourishing business of
their franchisee in various towns and cities
 ME constantly strive to adapt their business
model to maintain ME’s robustness and reach
new highs

8 Strictly Confidential
ME –Meat and Eat

A True Farm to Fork

Irresistible Taste

High Quality and Hygiene

Reasonable Market Price

Indian Based Company

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3. Proposal Master Franchisee

10 Strictly Confidential
Proposal Master Franchisee

Franchisee Models
Allow a franchisee to own or
operate specific number of
outlet in a particular
geographic area Area Franchisee Model

Multiple Unit Franchisee Multiple Unit Franchisee

Express Counter Standalone Dine-in Express Counter Standalone Dine-in

11 Strictly Confidential
Area Franchisee model A Venture of Kavi Group

Area Franchisee model

 10 outlets in Tier 1 Cities or 2-3 ( Tier 2 Cities ) Franchisor
 Franchisee Fee for Area Franchisee model is 10
lakh as upfront payment
 5 Mt Freezer with one Area office
 Need to own at least one Dine-in Outlet Area Franchisee
 Each sign up by Area franchisee to Unit
Franchisee will be subdivided share of 50% for
Franchisor and 50% for Area Franchisee
Unit Franchisee Unit Franchisee
 Agreement copy will be between Franchisor and
Unit Franchisee
Allow a franchisee to own or operate specific number of
 Investment range will be between 25-30lakhs outlet in a particular geographic area

12 Strictly Confidential
Area Franchisee model A Venture of Kavi Group

Franchisor allows s franchisee to own and operate a Investment 30Lakhs

specific number of Franchisees in a particular Investment

Enterprise to open 25
Geographic area outlets

Investment 50 Lakhs
Need to Open one Standalone – Dine in outlet Investment 15 Lakhs
Enterprise to open 50
Enterprise to open 15
Investment range 15 lakhs , 25 Lakhs and 50 Lakhs outlets
for Area model Franchisee need to open at least One
Standalone and can give rest as Sub Franchisee
Support from Brand will be on Operation , Training ,
Marketing and Supply Chain
Key Roles for Area Franchisee is to find potential
unit franchisee across his/her Geographic area
Investment Cost Standalone – 22-25lakhs excludes
Rental advance

Investment Cost Express Counter – 16-18lakhs

excludes rental advance

13 Strictly Confidential
Unit Franchisee Model A Venture of Kavi Group

Unit Franchisee : Express Counter Unit Franchisee : Standalone Dine in

( 3 Lakhs Franchisee Fee ) Format ( 4 Lakhs Franchisee Fee )
 Limited Menu  Wide range of Menu
 Lesser delivery grid – 1km  2-3km delivery Grid
radius  400 to 800Sqft outlet
 100 to 200 Sqft outlet  5-7 Staff
 Eco Friendly battery driven  10 KVA power
bikes  Investment 22-25lacs
 3 Staff
 10 KVA power
 Investment 16-18lacs

14 Strictly Confidential
Proposal Master Franchisee

Background Information Form to know Along with it final terms and conditions
about the Franchisee details and Locality with franchisee are being signed on the
information Letter of Intent with a token amount as

Background information
Letter of Intent

Site information locality chart , Final documentation between both the

Demographics and Market Survey for parties to continue a Venture with Kavi
Finalisation protein for 5 year agreement period

Discussion on Further process Renewal after 5 years

Site Selection Form Final Agreement

15 Strictly Confidential
Project Planning

Monitoring Tools Process

Project Timeline and Project mapping

To Monitor the progress of Project

Project lead with project Manager

Deliverables at the end of each stage To ensure that the project delivery as
per the Brand expectation at each

16 Strictly Confidential
Training and Development

Recruitment & Training Process

Minimum Staff and Manager Recruitment

To train all employee on standards
and Operating procedure

On Job Training for Minimum 25 days to staffs

To Ensure that all staff are well

Knowledge and Skill test at each station completion trained to work towards our standards
and procedures

17 Strictly Confidential
360° Support

Franchisee • Complete
Operation Operation Support
Supply Franchisee
Chain Operation
• Project
Project Completion and

• Regular Field

Marketing Project
• Brand Marketing
Marketing on regional / City

• Proper Supply
Chain chain Training

18 Strictly Confidential
5. Process of Proposal

19 Strictly Confidential
Next Steps

Submission of Proposal

Both Team to Finalise the project timelines and commercial

Application procedure and background check authorisation

Formal Meeting for further development and timelines

Inception meeting with Support Team

The Following steps is involved for Franchising ME , Business head will represent following steps

20 Strictly Confidential
System and Procedure

 Procedure and Documentation

 License and Approval

 Standard Operating Procedure

 HR, Training and Development

 Auditing Procedure
( Sales , Operation , Inventory , Accounting )

 Sales Practices

 Supply Chain Procedure

 Employee Management

21 Strictly Confidential
6. Snap Shot of ME , growth and Conclusion

22 Strictly Confidential
Snap Shot of Activities and ME Outlets

23 Strictly Confidential
Our menu

24 Strictly Confidential
Corporate Contact


Facebook: www.facebook.com/mefriedchicken

Corporate Office :

Kavi Protein & Feed Pvt. Ltd. No. 26, Sindhi Colony, 1st Cross, J.C. Road, Bangalore-560 002
TA - +91 9884978685

Regional Office :

NO1,Angadi Street opp to sayani Bus stand

Ayanavaram , Chennai Contact No : +919884978685 ; +919095377778

25 Strictly Confidential
26 Strictly Confidential