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Case Study Presentation on:

Recruitment of a Star
 Stephen Connor is the director of research at Rubin, Stern and
Hertz (RSH)
 Need for hiring a permanent replacement for Peter Thompson,
his star semiconductor analyst who resigned
 Industry is extremely competitive and requires high skill levels
 Upcoming deal with PowerChip company
 Rina Shea acting as a temporary resource for this role
 Has screened the various candidates and shortlisted David
Hughes, Gerald Baum, Sonia Meetha and Seth Horkum
 Post completion of interviews he is currently reviewing the
strengths and weaknesses of all candidates to make a final offer
Issues Identified
 Are the candidates shortlisted a right fit for this job?
 The cost of hiring each candidate
 The strengths and weaknesses of each candidate
 Hire internally or externally?
 Stephen wants someone exactly like Peter which could prove
difficult given time constraint
 Post hiring implications
Expectations of Stephen for new hire
Strengths Skills
 Self motivated  Communication skills
 Team oriented  Presentation skills
 Amiability, friendliness and  Analytical & Research skills
 Good industry knowledge
 Good personality
 Natural stock picker
 Loyalty towards organization
 Enthusiastic and hard working  Networking skills
 Target oriented  Selling skills
 Good professional network  Ability to perform in fact
 Relevant industry experience paced & high pressure
 Fine with travelling
Loss of RSH by exit of Peter
Negative Positive
 Peter had excellent  Highly competitive and not
analytical and research team oriented
skills  Focus on monetary aspects
 Achieved and even of job
surpassed results  Perceived as conniving
 Good stock picker rather than skilled
 Intelligence and good negotiator
industry knowledge  Resented by team mates
Review of Each Candidate
Strengths and Weakness of shortlisted candidates
Rina Shea
Strengths Weaknesses
 Loyal  Lacks considerable
experience in the
 Intelligent & Hardworking semiconductor industry
 Has worked with Peter  Lacks strong decision making
 Detailed in her work  Hasn’t yet proved herself as
 Strong Communication star material
skills  Not confident, admitted to
being introverted and may
 Intimate knowledge of how need to develop better team
RSH works and its culture skills
David Hughes
Strengths Weaknesses
 Team oriented  Certain clients feared he is
 Good personality & confident
 Excellent reputation
already past his prime
 Superior industrial network and  Assumption that he may
vast client base not be able to work in a
 Highly experienced with superior
industrial knowledge high paced pressured
 Strong communication skills environment
 built lasting client relationships by  Prioritizes personal
providing superior client service
 Superior analytical & research skills
commitments over
Gerald Baum
Strengths Weakness
 Self motivated  Low coverage for new
 Star power
 Good client contacts
 Excellent communication and  Negative attitude and
research skills perceived as conceited
 Great stock picker
 Does not value time and
 Excellent industry knowledge
 Already ranked in II despite was late for the first
covering semiconductor interview
industry for a short period
 Proven ability to handle high
Seth Horkum
Strengths Weakness
 Access to high level  Eagerness to please
executives at PowerChip
 Has a strategic plan to  Potential for being misused
achieve top spot at coming II  Lack of proven record as
he was ranked only once
 Good client relationships
through high transparency
 Great stock picker
 Moderate client base
 Potential to become a star
 Enthusiastic
Sonia Meetha
Strengths Weaknesses
 Motivated and achieved results  Lack of flexibility
 Team oriented
 Hardworking  Not keen on travelling
 Enthusiastic  Experience at a smaller firm
 Potential star power
 Good stock picker  Possible difficulty to make
 Superior analytical & research skills the transition to a big firm
 Industry & global market knowledge
 Provided good client service
 ‘up & comer’ ranking from II despite lack
of support provided
 Developed rapport with CEOs and top
management of certain companies
Conclusion & Recommendations
Conclusion Recommendations
 All candidates have great  Keep an open mind
potential to perform as  Check references
RSH thoroughly
 Choice needs to be made  Seek many opinions &
effectively feedback
 Sonia Meetha is ideal for  Avoid setting false
this job expectations