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Strategic Review

January 2019


Overview of Administration
 The Administration Department is primarily responsible to
provide admin and logistic support to the all
Departments/Division of the Commission to achieve their
goals. It is responsible for organizing events, ensuring
transparent procurement process, maintenance of office
equipment, provision of medical services, maintenance and
renovation of office facilities such as daycare, gym, safety
and security of SECP’s premises.

Functional Areas of Admin

Organogram of Admin 4


Organogram - Administration 5

(Lahore and Karachi)

Waseem Irshad
Head of Department

CRO Lahore CRO Karachi

Commission s Employee

Muhammad Ali Outsourced Employee

Tahir Sr. Support Sajjad Ahmed
Executive Deputy Director

Umer Haider Deepak Kumar

Management Jewani
Support Deputy Director

Saad Ahmed Dr. Azfar Syed

Support Executive Medical Officer

Dr. Khalil ur Rehman

Medical Officer

Facilitation, Property and Office Management Wing
Scope of Work:
• Renovation and construction activity for the entire SECP
including Head office and CROs.
• Space allocation & Shifting.
• Repair and Maintenance of Building/Office Equipment
and Furniture and Fixtures.
• Lease and Contract Management including liaison with
property-owners and processing of invoices.
• Asset insurance, tagging and their disposal.
• R&I and Photocopying Services.
• Management of Archived Record.
• Security, Janitorial, Gym and Day Care services.
• Reception and Visitor Management.
• Telephone/Exchange related matters.
• Budget Preparation of Entire Admin Department
Travel, Transport and Event Management Wing
Scope of Work:
• Hotel booking and Air Ticketing facilities for all SECP
• Transport Management.
• Vehicle Insurance and their disposal as per policy.
• Event Management and Refreshment arrangement for
official meetings and trainings.
• Refreshment arrangement for all Departments (Tea,
milk and water)
• Protocol duties for Chairman and Commissioners.
• Arrangement of Transportation facilities incase of
• Maintenance of Driver’s pool for the provision of
routine visits.
• Management of Library affairs.
Procurement and Inventory Management Wing
Scope of Work:

• Ensure that general procurements are arranged and

processed on timely basis and in compliance with the
related procurement rules and regulations i.e PPRA.

• Inventory Management of all store items and ensuring

that all items are readily available for the use of all SECP
team members.

• Arrangement of official stamps and other printing

material from market.
Medical and Physical Health Wing
Scope of Work:
• Provision of Medical Assistance for all SECP employees
and their families.
• Annual Medical Checkup for all employees.
• Correspondence with Panel Hospitals and Laboratories.
• Pre employment test and recommendations.
• Issuance of Medical Cards
• Processing and payment of medical invoices.
• Maintaining medical record of SECP employees and
their families.
• Reviewing Medical Policy to provide best facilities for all
employees of SECP.
• Issuance of referral letters incase of medical illness.
HR Overview 10
(Management Cadre)
S.N Designation Facilitation Travel Procurement Medical CRO CRO Total Resource
Karachi Lahore

01 ED - - - - - - -

02 Director/HoD - - - - - - 1

03 Additional Director - - 1 1 - - 2

04 Joint Director - 1 - - - - 1

05 Additional Joint 1 - - - - - 1
06 Deputy Director 1 - 1 - 2 - 4

07 Assistant Director 1 - - - - - 1

08 Management Executive - - 1 - - - 1

Total 3 1 4 1 2 - 12
HR Overview 11
(Staff Cadre)

S. Designation Facilitation Travel Procurement Medical CRO CRO Total

N Karachi Lahore Resource

01 Private Secretary (to HOD) - - - - - - 1

02 Sr. Executive Officer 1 1 - - - - 2

03 Executive Officers 2 2 - - - - 4

04 Sr. Support Executive 2 - - - - 1 3

05 Support Executive - 1 - - - - 1

06 Office Support/Naib Qasid 3 - - - 2 - 5

07 Drivers & DR - 3 - - 1 1 5

Total 8 7 - - 4 2 21
HR Overview 12
(Outsource Employees)

S. Designation Facilitation Travel Procurement Medical CRO CRO Total

N Karachi Lahore Resource

01 Management Support 1 - 1 1 - 1 4

02 Medical Officers 1 1 1 3

03 Secretarial Support - 2 - 1 - 1 4

04 Office Support/Attendants 13 - - 1 - 2 16

05 Drivers - 1 - - 2 - 3

Total 14 3 - 3 3 5 28
Resource Deficiency and Suggestion
 Given the quantum of work, following resource are immediately required for
smooth functioning of administrative functions:
S.NO Resource Strength Required for Justification
01 ME/AD 01 Travel and After the retirement of Mr. Wafid Zaheer (Ex AD Admin) no
Transport Wing replacement has been provided to Admin department who can
look after his work.
02 ME/AD 01 CRO Karachi Mr. Ishtique Siddiue has been transferred to CRO and no
Admin replacement has been provided even after the lapse of six
03 Drivers 01 Admin Pool Driver pool is maintained to manage and provide transport for
routine visits. Further, Admin is also required to provide timely
replacement if the driver of entitled officer is proceeded on leave.
It is extremely difficult to manage transport request and to
provide replacement with the strength of only two drivers. It is
therefore proposed to hire and depute one more additional driver
for routine duties.
04 Office 02 Admin Pool Pool of Office Attendant is maintained by Admin department to
Attendants provide timely replacement incase of unavailability of Attendant
due to his absence. Currently two attendants are available at
Admin Pool and managing new and replacement requests is
extremely difficult.

Performance and Achievements

(July 2018 – December 2018)

Procurement & Inventory Management Wing
(July 2017 – June 2018)
 Preparation and Implementation of Procurement SOPs in
line with PPRA Rules.
 A total number of 372 procurement transactions involving
approximately Rs. 41 million has been successfully
completed till May 2018.
 The Admin Department initiated and completed purchase
process involving millions of Rupees and there is apparent
no audit objection being raised over the process by the
office of AGP during the 2017-18.
 Discount of approximately 1 million obtained on
Commission's vehicles.
 Approximately Save 1 million by clubbing two or more

Facilitation, Property and Office Management Wing 16

(July 2017 – June 2018)

Cost Saving Initiatives:
 Rent rates of CRO Karachi have been duly negotiated with
landlord i.e SLIC. After successful negotiation, the
management of SLIC is agreed to freeze the existing rates
for next two years which helped the Commission to save
substantial funds of Rs 10.7 million.
 Installation of small Genset at head office has helped the
Commission to save substantial cost on account of Power
Backup charges. This cost saving initiative will result into
saving of Rs 4.5 million per year approximately.
 15% discount obtained from landlord on lease agreement
of CRO, Peshawar. An amount of Rs. 178,188 is being
yearly saved through this initiative.
 Electricity expenses have been reduced by the 15-20%.
 Courier expenses have also been controlled. Further 3%
yearly escalation have been negotiated with TCS.

Facilitation, Property and Office Management Wing 17

(July 2017 – June 2018)

Other Important Projects:
 All the Commission’s Archived record retrieved from Archive Technologies with
the help of legal team.
 Renovation of Board Room, Mosque, and External Parking Shed completed
during the course of the year.
 Process for replacement of Biometric Machines as part of Physical Access
System has been completed. Biometric Machines to be placed at each Floor.
 6th and 10th floors renovated to accommodate departments relocation and
 PC-II form got it approved by the Departmental Development Working Party
(DDWP) for hiring of Consultant for construction of SECP building.
 SECP Toll Free Number introduced to create better communication for its
 Location for SECP’s Archive Centre has been finalized and approved by the
Commission. Record is currently being shifted.
 Asset Tagging Project is in Process that will help to update the Commission’s
assets biometrically.
 Day Policy amended to facilitate older children's of the employees.
 Consolidated process for disposal of Assets and Junk Items initiated and
process is expected to get completed in next quarter of FY 2018-19.

Travel, Transport and Event Management Wing 18

(July 2017 – June 2018)

 Ensured timely registration of over 50 new Commission’s vehicles purchased during the
current FY.
 Insurance of 307 Commission’s owned vehicle ensured.
 Managed to reduce expenditures on account of R&M-Vehicles. Over 150 work orders
issued for R&M of vehicles and ensured timely repairs.
 Promptly handled request for deputation of pool vehicles. (180/month approximately)
 Over 70 cases for Tire replacement processed and completed.
 Arranged hotel stay and air tickets for over 350 employees.
 Successfully arranged bulkhead seats for Chairman and Commissioners after visiting and
convincing senior officials of ministries for the provision of bulkhead arrangements.
 Visited numerous times to CAA for provision of Airport Entry Passes for Islamabad and
 Protocol duties (approximately 60 times) provided to Senior management of the
 Successfully arranged Family Gala Event for SECP employees and their families at F-6
Cricket Ground where all guests were served with dinner and different entertainment
arrangements were made for kids.
 Provided and extended required support during official trainings and meetings.
 Various Laws/Regulations updated at IRC for the ready reference of SECP employees. All
books issuance requests are promptly addressed during the year.

Medical and Physical Health Wing 19

(July 2017 – June 2018)

 Existing Medical Policy is amended and improved with
a view to provide better and larger medical facilities to
employees including retired employees.
 Arranged multiple health camps at Head Office and
provided FOC medical tests facility.
 Conducted Psychometric assessment and treatment
of few employees on direction of commission.
 Pre-employment tests are reviewed and proposed
changes for effective results.
 Assessed Cafeteria food and advised to provide
include hygienic food.
 Arranged couple of health awareness sessions on
“Self Awareness and Professional Attitude”.


Key challenges
 Lack of Quality Training Opportunities being provided
for Admin Team. To expand vision, Admin Officers may
be considered for training from quality institutes as
same is being provided to other departments of the
 Lack of quality staff within Admin department. As a
matter of routine practice, surplus/Average resource is
being dumped in Admin department.
 Budgetary limitation for Medical facilities.


Strategic plan for next 3 years

(July 2018 –June 2021)
 Construction of Head Office Plot at G-11, Islamabad.
 Acquiring of suitable Plots for Small CROs i.e Multan, Faisalabad, Gilgit
 Renovation of CRO Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.
 Establishment of Commission’s owned Archive Centre having state of art
archiving facilities.
 Renovation and Revamping of Fitness Centre at Head Office.
 Automation in Administrative Functions i.e Procurement, Travel Database etc.
 Restoration of Café Facility at CRO Karachi.
 Provision of GYM and Day Care facilities for all CROs.
 Further Improvement in Medical policy including medical plan for outsource
 Clear Policy for Administrative Entitlements i.e Rooms, TV, Crockery etc.
 Replacement of energy efficient equipment as cost saving initiative.


Future plan for next year (2018-19)

 Appointment of Project Director and Consultant for
construction of HO Plot.
 Acquiring of land for at least one small CRO.
 Renovation and Revamping of HO Fitness Centre.
 Establishment of SECP Archive Centre.
 Renovation of CRO Karachi and Lahore or at least one of
 Clear Policy for Administrative Entitlements i.e. Rooms, TV,
Crockery etc.
 Upgradation of PABX IP-based for head office and CRO,
Lahore and Karachi.


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