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Effective Uses of Technology in JK-2nd

Madeline Prebe – Teacher Leader Project April 18th, 2019

Technology Enhancing
Student Learning
Objectives and Standards
 Objective: I will identify how I can best use our 5 classroom iPads to
enhance student learning and collect data to drive instruction in my

 CSTP 5.6 Using available technologies to assist in assessment, analysis, and

communication of student learning

 CSTP 6.1 Reflecting on teaching practice in support of student learning

 NBPTS-Proposition 3: Teachers are responsible for managing and

monitoring student learning

 Teacher Leader Model Standard - Domain 2: Accesses and Uses Research to

Improve Practice and Student Learning
Let’s get started with a Quiz!
 Plickers is an assessment
tool made by a teacher who
was looking for a simple way
to check for student

 It will allow you to collect

on-the-spot data without
the need of 1:1 devices or a
paper and pencil.

 It is teachers collecting meaningful data on their own to help

them develop questions and identify what changes they
need to make in their instruction to advance learning.

 Plickers a simple an effective way to asses students and

quickly collect data in an engaging way.

 www.plickers.com Let’s look how the set up works.

What does student engagement look like
in your classrooms?

With Technology?

Without Technology?
Now think…

 What are your five classroom iPads used for?

 How often do your students use them for more
than First in Math and AR quizzes?

 Technology games in
education can increase self
driven learning that
promotes leadership.

 quizizz.com is good for

learning and allows for a
more holistic and in depth
demonstration of learning.

 Hundreds of quizzes already

created for you to use

 Students can play on their

own or in a group

 You can Host Live a quiz and

do it as a class
Show What You Know & Question Corner

 Show what you know…

 Take a picture of work you
are proud of
 Leave me a video teaching
me something you learned

 Question Corner
 Leave me a video asking a
question you might have. I
will answer your question
as soon as I can.
Green Screen by Do Ink

 Create incredible green

screen videos and photos

 Tell a story, explain an idea,

and express yourself

 Great resource for Reader’s

Theaters, presentations, etc.

 Share thoughts
and ideas
within the class
and around the
Tellagami App

 Flexible options for

recording audio or using
text-to-speech are great for
students who might struggle
with oral presentations.

 Students will enjoy creating

a character and recording

Alyssa interviews John Quincy Adams

Interview using Tellegami

Now think…

 Which one of these technologies can you implement in your

classroom this week?
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