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Presented by:- Keyur dixit
Subject:- business analytics
Submitted to:- Nilraj sir
Mba 2nd sem
Financial markets

Wherever there is an immediate and tangible

payoff for analytics, there you will find the most
cutting edge data analytics. Long before data
science was in vogue, what we call data science
today was in play in hedge funds.
Gambling and betting

The industry
can be
by probability
and payoffs,
at scale.
The discipline of actuarial science is a
specific application of data analytics to
the measurement and pricing of risk.
Product and customer analytics also
Retail banking

Financial institutions deploy a large

spectrum of data analytics whose
footprint is only increasing with time.
While risk management may be the
most obvious, customer analytics,
product analytics and branch network
analytics are all widely in use.
Mining and resources

Mine site operations are extremely sophisticated,

automated, and churn out terabytes of data
daily. There is a broad range of analytics already
in play or being implemented in large miners
including smart exploration, yield optimisation,
routing improvements, predictive asset
management and many others across the
industry value chain.
Consumer products (Fast Moving
Consumer Goods - FMCG)

Data analytics in pricing and

distribution across different brands,
channels, and markets. Any time you
have stepped into an expensive
supermarket and found that your
brand of milk is more expensive, data
analytics has been at work.
Healthcare and pharmaceutical

Data analytics works

across the value chain,
from drug discovery to
clinical trials to
manufacturing to sales
and marketing.

Sophistication varies by country, but generation,

distribution and billing all requires data analytics
to balance loads, price energy and manage
infrastructure. In particular, smart meters and new
alternate energy technologies promise to
generate orders of magnitude more data in the
very near future.

Ever since the first 'customers who

bought item X also bought...',
using data analytics to make
recommendations have been a
feature in E-commerce. Methods
can range from basic to
extremely sophisticated, but data
underpins it all.
Web analytics

even without a product, there are vast amounts of data to scrape and
analyse. Some of it has an unclear ROI (how much does engagement drive
sales exactly?) but there is a massive number of tools analysing data from
customer and social logins, as well as interactions such as how long a user
spent on each page, where the user moved his/her mouse, how far down
the page was scrolled and much, much more.
BY:- Keyur dixit