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What challenge do American leaders face after winning the war?
2 Explain the differing ideals of republicanism
 Identify three basic issues debated in drafting the Articles of
 Describe the political and economic problems faced by the
r he major issue was over the relationship
of the states and the national government
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r eople saw the colonies as a distinct
political unit
r eople¶s allegiance was to the
colony !" #$    
r republic- A government in which
citizens rule through their elected
r republicanism- he belief that
government should be based on the
consent of the people
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r tate constitutions were similar
in limiting powers of government
leaders, guaranteeing certain rights
(freedom of speech, religion, and
press), emphasis on liberty rather
than equality
r oting rights varied from state
to state
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r he nation¶s leaders examined Italy,
wiss, Greece, and Rome to try and
create their system of government
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r he Continental Congress was trying to draft a constitution for the
states as a whole
     #%  #  &
r ajor issues was how each state
would be represented in the national
r Would representation be based on
a states population or would each state
have the same number of representatives
r or the time being the Continental
Congress decided each state would have
one vote regardless of population
!  % '|( !  &
r Articles of Confederation- A document,
adopted in 2 and approved by the states
in 22, that outlined the form of
government of the new United tates
r confederation- An alliance permitting
states or nations to act together on
matters of mutual concern

r Under the Articles the national

government had the power to
declare war, make peace, sign
treaties, and borrow money
r Under the Articles the national
government could not carry out and
enforce acts of Congress (executive)
interpret the meaning of laws
|)  *') + $ &
r aryland feared that states with
western land claims would become
bigger and stronger
r aryland refused to approve the
Articles of Confederation until these
states turned over their land claims
to the United tates
r In 22 aryland approved the Articles
+   )  *
r and Ordinance of 2- Established
a plan for surveying and selling the
federally owned lands west of the
Appalachian ountains
r orthwest Ordinance of 2- A law
that established a procedure for the
admission of new states to the Union

r he orthwest Ordinance was
important because it created a
blueprint for future expansion
§$ |    % 
r he Confederation ran into economic, political, and foreign relations
%   % 
r ack of national unity, changes in
in government were difficult because each
state had to agree on the law
r Congress had a huge war debt from the
Revolutionary War
r Congress didn¶t have the power to tax
under the Articles making it nearly
impossible to pay foreign nations the money
they borrowed
!! , *  
r Creditors (lenders of money)
Debtors (borrowers of money)
r Creditors wanted states to impose
high taxes so they could get their money
r Debtors wanted more money printed so
they could pay off their loans
|-  .  % 
r ritain refused to evacuate its military
forts on the Great akes because
Congress could not pay off its war debt
r pain closed the ississippi River to
American navigation, this hurt western
r Congress was to weak to deal with either
of these problems