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Vivas 3rd Grade Lesson

Education 201
Stephanie Vivas
Lesson Plan
• Name of lesson: “Written and Illustrated by Me!”
• Grade Level: 3RD Grade
• Group size: Individual instruction
• Subject: English Language Arts: Writing
• Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3.3
• Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or
events using effective technique, descriptive details, and
clear event sequences.
-Establish a situation and introduce a narrator and/or
characters; organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally.
• Students will learn how to use vocabulary
words they have learned to make a story
• Students will learn how to organize an event
by making a storyline.
• Students will use their typing skills to type the
story and print it out.
• Students will learn how to make QR codes
linked to our classroom website.
• This is a two week project that students will work on everyday.
• Book must be at least 5 pages long not including cover and must include the
following vocabulary words:
1. Unity
2. Commitment
3. Acknowledge
4. Sympathy
5. Dedication
6. Satisfied
7. Reconsider Example of QR code
9. Bask
10. Incognito
• Each page has to have a minimum of 2 sentences along with an illustration.
• Each student will have a QR code cut out and pasted to the back of their book.
• The QR code will link to their book which will be available on our classroom website
as a PDF file.
Procedures Schedule
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: Students are to
be given the vocabulary words and definitions.
These words and definitions will stay up on the
smart board for them to see while they are
working on their project. Students are to make a
story that has the 10 vocabulary words. It can be
of anything they want it to be fact or fiction. For
these three days they will work on their story
an hour a day.
Procedure Schedule
Thursday/Friday/Monday: Students should have
completed their story and will move onto their
illustrations. Illustrations have to be school
appropriate and can be drawn or printed out using
the computer station in the classroom. They cannot
just be one printed image from the computer.
Example: They can print out a picture of a dog, but
can’t have that be their only illustration for that
page. Each page must have an illustration that goes
along to their story. They can use any materials
from the supply box.
Procedure Schedule
• Tuesday/Wednesday: Students will go to the computer
lab and type out their story to fit the corresponding
illustration. So if a student wrote 3 sentences that go to
one illustration; those 3 sentences have to be separate
from the other parts of the story. Once they are done
typing their story they will print, cut out, and glue their
story onto their illustration.
• Students will then staple their pages to make a book.
• Student will then hand in their books so that teacher
can scan them and upload them onto the classroom
website. http://mrsramosthirdgradeclass.weebly.com/
Procedure Schedule
• Thursday/Friday: Students will go to the classroom
website and find their book. It will say on the file the
student’s name and Book title.
• Once they find their book they can click on it. It will
open up their book as a pdf file.
• They will then highlight and copy the URL that comes
up on their search bar.
• Students will go to the following website and paste
their URL to generate a QR code http://www.qr-code-
• Once the QR code is generated they will print it out
and paste it to the back of their book. (Last step)
Materials Needed
Materials needed for story book:
• Computer
• Scanner
• Vocabulary words
• Websites: http://www.qr-code-generator.com/
• Students can use any of the items found in the supply box which are:
Color pencils
Scratch paper
Gel pens
Construction paper
Grading Scale will equal 100points
10 pts- Creativity
20 pts- Use of vocabulary words
10 pts- Grammar
10 pts- Neatness
10 pts- QR code
10 pts- Minimum pages
10 pts- Minimum sentences per page
10 pts- Cover Illustration
10 pts- Storyline