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Digital “Smart” Hospital for

Fisher-Titus Medical Center
and Magruder Hospital

May 20, 2009

Jude Dieterman, Sr. VP & Pres. Client Development

Joel Gleason, VP East
Jeff O’Berry, VP DeviceWorks
Robin Brown, Consulting Executive Director
Scott Beegun, Client Executive

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Cerner at a Glance
Founded in 1979, based in Kansas City, MO
Most experienced and stable healthcare IT management; three founding partners still
lead Cerner’s vision today.
Largest, most strategic clinical healthcare IT client footprint
8,300+ Total Millennium solutions live at over 6,000 client sites
1,200+ Millennium solutions live in past 12 months
Contemporary architecture with most comprehensive suite of healthcare solutions on
single platform (eliminates interfaces)
57+ Solutions spanning physician offices, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies,
and consumers’ homes
Average Solution Center Implementation = 12 solutions live in 14 months
Revenues: 2008 - $1.68 Billion
2007 - $1.52 Billion
2006 - $1.38 Billion
2005 - $1.16 Billion
Committed to Innovation through Research & Development:
$1.3 billion invested in R&D past 10 years, $1B committed over next 4 yrs
Over 7,500 Associates Worldwide (950+ clinicians)
Continuous innovation:
Cerner Smart Room (Patient Hospital Room of the Future)
CareAware medical device connectivity
Recent Client Awards:
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in TX receives 2009 National Quality Forum
(NQF) award
Eastern Maine Medical Center receives 2008 Nicholas E. Davies Organizational Award
of Excellence
Univ. of Missouri and Cerner receive CHIME Collaboration Award for Medical Home
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Fisher-Titus Current Position
IT Roadmap
Partnership with Cerner will position you well to benefit from the Medicare/Medicaid incentive
Fisher-Titus is currently at HIMSS Level 1 - 2

Future State

Current State

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Why Cerner

Cerner Innovation

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Device Fragmentation CareAware

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Smart Room
Cerner’s Smart Room: Integrating Technology at the bedside to empower
patients and clinicians.

CareAware MDBus: Connecting medical device data to the

Electronic Medical Record

myStation: Patient Education and Entertainment

myHospital, myOpinion, myHealth, mySchedule, myEducation, myCareTeam, myMenu, myMovies, myTV,
myGaming, myInternet, myMusic

iAware: Customized Clinical Dashboards

Aggregates medical device data AND IT systems data and displays in an intuitive configurable

Room Wizard: Electronic Message Board

Outside patient room to alert clinicians and patient family/visitors of key information

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CareAware MDBus

CareAware MDBus™ (Medical Device Bus)

Cerner’s USB for healthcare
Enables seamless connection of medical device data
to the Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Continuous availability architecture

CareAware Services and Support

Patient-to-device association
Location services
Wave form aggregation/full disclosure
Event stream processing
Event management

Device Lifecycle
Detects device “heartbeat”
Ensures device status is always known

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myStation: Patient Education & Entertainment

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iAware: Customized Clinical Dashboards

Device Data, from multiple devices, available at user’s

JAVA based “widgets” fingertips and upon entering room (ie. via RFID) User configurable
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Room Wizard: Electronic Message Board
Improves communication with clinicians,
family members & hospital

Patient Safety:
•Displays Room #
•Displays Room/Patient Information in real
time. Ex. NPO, Latex Allergy, Isolation,
•Integration with Nurse Call system

Room Availability:
•Red & green lights to show room Status
•Display caregiver currently in the room
name and role.

Visitor Information:
• Integration with CIPS to display
messages to visitors Ex. Do not Disturb.

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