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Data communication and networking

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AB Rahmen
Rammez noor
Hasnain raza

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DR azam zia
Physical transmission Media
• definition:
Communication devices are directly connected with each
by using some physical media like wire .
. It is also knows as guided media.
twisted pair , coaxial cable, fiber optic
Types of physical transmission media
• Three types of physical transmission media
1: twisted pair
2: coaxial cable
3: Fiber optic
Twisted pair

• consist of copper wire covered by plastic insulation and twisted

Types of twisted pair
• Has two types
1: STP
2: UTP
It contain a foil shielding.
Shieling reduce the EMI( Electro magnetic interface).
STP is expensive than UTP.
• Does not contain a layer of foil shielding.
Mostly use in computer networking.
It will support 10GB Ethernet.
Categories of UTP
• Inexpensive
• Easy to install
• Transfer data to short distance

. Noise pros
. Transmission limits
In older telephone
Local area networks
Coaxial cable
• Consist a copper wire covered by an insulating material.
Also consist a copper mesh.
A copper mesh protected data signals from interference by external
Electromagnetic waves.
Characteristics of coaxial cable
• Expensive transmission medium than twisted pair.
• Data transfer is higher.
• Easy to install.

• Cable Tv network.
• Telephone companies.
Fiber optic
• Consist of thin strands of glass is called core.
• Strands thin like human hair.
• Core use light to transmit data.
• Each strand is surrounded by a layer of glass inside the Fiber optic
cable called Cladding.
• Cladding is further protected by the plastic coating called jacket.
Structure of Fiber optic
Advantages of fiber optic
• Working speed is very high.
• Information carrying capacity is very high.
• Lighter and smaller in size.
• More secure and reliable form of data transmission.
• Not affected by Electro Magnetic waves.
• Difficult to install.
• Expensive
Normally used backbone connection to connect b/w floors, building,
or remote site.

Cable tv operator
Telephone Companies