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-Prof. L.D Mangate



 Theory
 Procedure
 Characteristics
 Calculation
 conclusion

 Window cleaning mechanism, is used to assist or replace human efforts in various

dangerous and difficult task .
 Cleaning window especially of tall building have always induced risk among the cleaner.
 The project aim is to eliminate the risk, by cleaning the window automatically by a
 Glass cleaning at high level often creates difficulty among the workers, and have risk of
falling down .
 A cleaning roller is pulled by string, which is attached to DC motor.
 A pump is also attached to the system, so that it can spray water during the downward
stroke of the wipe.
Cleanliness is one of the most important aspect in human life.
 Window cleaner, Basically is a glass attached to the roller, which rolls up and down with the help of a
 In this Project, slider crank mechanism is used.
 Slider crank mechanism : It is arrangement of mechanical part designed to convert straight line
motion to rotary motion as in a reciprocating piston engine or to convert rotary motion to straight line
motion as in a reciprocating piston pump.

 A DC Motor is used to supply current which sets up in the winding.

 Translatory motion is driven by the motor.
 A motor driver is used to govern, some predetermined performance of
Electric Motor .
 A female barrel jack is used for adding a common connector to the end of
 Relay module is used for controlling the signal.
 Motor Driver: A modal driver is a modal that helps in the operation of
certain motors at variable speed by providing a separate power source
other that form the microcontroller.
 DC Motor :This is a low rpm DC Motor . These motors contain two wires
which enable the motor to rotate in either in clockwise and anticlockwise
direction .
 Female Barrel Jack : The female barrel jack is an adapter that fit with a
male barrel jack. Wires DC adapter terminate with a male barrel jack.
 Relay module: A relay module is a device to switch on/off another device
based on control signal .
Window Cleaning Mechanism

 Power Required , P=2*pie*N*T/60

 Let N be the speed which depends upon Motor Working.
 When the components are resolved , T=frsinθ , frcosθ
 Efficiency of motor ( how much weight it can lift) = output/input
 Omega (ω) = dp/dt, which plays role in Atmosphere
 For current, / = Es/R = 150 V/1 Ω = 15
Es - Eo = 150 - 100 = 50 V
The corresponding armature current is I = (Es - Eo)/R= 50/1 = 50 A
Advantage ;

1. Cost of window cleaning Mechanism is quite cheap.

2. It is easy to Manufacture and install.
3. Can work around challenging building architecture, landscaping ,and
other obstacles.
4.No water is being wasted here, So its Environmentally Friendly.
5. It Reduces the effort of Hard work and Risk.
6. They save time and money ( as they can be expensive, if we hire someone
to do it).
7.It avoids the risk of accidents happening when people wobble up ladders
with bucket of water.

1. This method can leave lines along top and side that need to be wiped
2. Squeegee Rubber, that is damaged or worn out can become less effective.
3. Requires skill to be employed effectively and Quickly.
4. Soapy Water used to clean glass can dry out Quickly in Sunlight.

1. Cleaning window mechanism is successfully designed and fabricated.

2. Component used in this work are simple and cheap.
3.The cleaning process takes about 2.5 min to clean the dust.
4. Dc motor helps the roller to come up and down.
5. Cleaning window mechanism reduces the work.