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This document provides an overview of features and enhancements included in pre-release Oracle Fusion
Applications 1.0 and applicable updates (the “Software”). It is intended solely for use in connection with the
internal pre-production evaluation and testing of the Software. As stated above, this document is confidential to
Oracle and may not be used for training, promotion, or sales to customers or other partners or third parties.

This document is for informational purposes only and is intended solely for use in connection with the internal
pre-production evaluation and testing of the Software. This is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or
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timing of any features or functionality, and inclusion or not thereof in the commercially available version of the
Software, if any, is always at Oracle’s sole discretion. This document is not considered part of the applicable
program documentation.

Due to the nature of the product architecture, it may not be possible to safely include all features described in this
document without risking significant destabilization of the code
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Oracle Fusion Procurement:

Coexistence Options
Tom Anthony, Vice President, Procurement Product Strategy
The Making of Fusion Applications

Started with a Modern Platform

Industry-leading, standards-based, configurable, adaptive and secure Fusion
Built Best Practice Business Processes Based On Hundreds of Years of
E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel
Reinvented the User Experience
Role-based user interface, embedded decision support, pervasive collaboration
Made Ready for the Cloud
Private or public cloud

All in Collaboration with Oracle’s Customers and Partners

Oracle Fusion Applications
The New Standard for Business

The New The New The New

Standard for Standard for Standard for
Innovation Work Adoption

Complete Complete user Complete choice of

applications platform experience that options, from cloud to
that adapts to your shows what you need device and suite to
business to know or do module
The New Standard for Innovation
Complete Applications Platform

Role-Based User Experience

What You Need to KNOW WHO Can Help
What You Need to DO HOW to Get it Done

Intelligent Business Processes

100% Open
Java, BPEL,
Services AJAX, Portlet,
RSS, Mobile, etc.

Unified Information
Employee Ledger Date Effectivity
Supplier Organization Territory
Product Business Unit Trees …
The New Standard for Adoption
Choice of Functionality

Oracle Fusion Oracle Fusion Oracle Fusion

Financial Management Human Capital Management Sales
General Accounts Accounts Human Payroll & Workforce Sales Sales Sales
Ledger Receivable Payable Resources Benefits Predictions Planning Prospecting Productivity

Payments & Workforce

Expense Performance & Customer Contract
Asset Mgmt Lifecycle Talent Review PRM
Collections Mgmt Goal Mgmt Master Management

Accounting KPIs & KPIs & Network @ Compensation

Hub Dashboards Dashboards Work Mgmt

Oracle Fusion Oracle Fusion Oracle Fusion Project

Supply Chain Management Procurement Portfolio Management
Distributed Product
Global Order Self-service Supplier Project Project Performance
Order Information Purchasing
Promising Procurement Portal Costing Billing Reporting
Orchestration Management
Cost Inventory KPIs & Procurement Project Project KPIs &
Sourcing and Spend
Management Management Dashboards Contracts Control Integration Dashboards

Health, Safety
Oracle Fusion Financial Supplier Risk
Risk Access Transaction Configuration
GRC Governance Management Management Controls Controls Controls
Oracle Fusion Procurement

The Power The Power to The Power to


Facilitates Smart Broadens End- Protects Business

Sourcing User Self Service Interests
Oracle Fusion Procurement
Solution Overview

Oracle Fusion Procurement

Purchasing Procurement Sourcing

Procurement Procurement and

Contracts Supplier Portal Spend Analytics
Complete Choice
Choose Your Next Steps

Continue on Your Current Path

• Upgrade to the latest release
of your existing Oracle Applications portfolio

Adopt a Co-Existence Strategy

• Add new Fusion Applications modules or pillars
to your existing Oracle Applications portfolio

Embrace the Complete Suite

• Deploy the comprehensive suite of
Fusion Applications products
Recommended Actions
Upgrade, Adopt, Extend

Upgrade to Latest Extend Business

Adopt Standards-
Apps Unlimited Value with Fusion
Based Technology
Release Applications

E-Business Oracle SOA Fusion Apps

Oracle OBIEE
Suite 12.1 Suite and AIA Suite

JD Edwards Oracle ADF Oracle Identity Fusion FSCM,

E1 9.0 and WebCenter Management HCM, CRM

JD Edwards Oracle Content Oracle

Fusion Modules
World A9.2 Management Enterprise Mgr

Enterprise 9.1

CRM 8.2
Sourcing, Procurement & Analytics
Delivering real sourcing/procurement/analytics savings
Project Management
Procurement Intelligence & Analytics

Analyze Manage
Complete Approve
needs & market supplier
requisition requisition
dynamics performance

Strategic Procurement
Develop Contract Contract Select Place
sourcing Sourcing finalization & goods or Order purchase
strategy Cycle implementation services Cycle order

Request Invoice
verification, Goods or
Negotiate services
quotation/ match &
payment receipt

In The Sky On The Table In The Pocket

(Identified Savings) (Negotiated Savings) (Realized Savings)

Source: Capgemini Consulting Research Report, “Supplier Relationship Management Solutions: Expected Value – SRM Research 2006-2007: Solutions Analyses,” Editors
Gert van Bokhorst et al., published in September 2006 by Capgemini Nederland B.V. This Figure is on pp. 5, 17 and 21.
A Need for Change
Leading Business Trends

• Poor visibility into spend and savings opportunities

• Disjointed negotiation and contracting practices

• Reliance on manual processes

• Lack of integrated processes

• Lost savings opportunities

• Poor visibility into contract compliance and risk

Oracle Fusion Sourcing, Contracts and Spend Analysis
Coexistence Solution

 Complete solution for Sourcing, Contract
Management, and Spend Analysis.

 Spend PSFT/EBS
by products,Procurement
category, and suppliers
for dynamic spend optimization
 Supplier performance and risk
management improves supplier
management and visibility
 Sourcing improves the supplier negotiation
 Procurement Contracts provides improved
contract compliance and visibility

Benefits PSFT
 Gain visibility to spend from existing Procurement
procurement solution
 Reduce costs and ensure the best sources
of supply
 Reduce risks and ensure contract Fusion Procurement
management best practices Procurement
Sourcing and Spend
Analytics for Fusion Applications
Solution Offerings
• Real-time, self-service reporting
• Historical and complex analysis with a data warehouse
• Domain-specific, specialized analytics
Key Features
• Consistent user experience
– Identical tabular, graphical and visualization components used throughout
• Common semantic model
– Unified definition of key Supplier, Invoice, Date, Account, etc.—and calculations
• Tight integration with Fusion Applications
– Pervasive embedded analytics, role-based dashboards, and reports
– Architected for Fusion Apps: seamless integration with flex, trees, security, …
• Low cost of ownership
– Easier installation, functional setups, and systems management
Procurement and Spend Analytics for
Fusion Procurement
• Extended to support Fusion applications as an additional OLTP

• Enhanced analytics including new and existing metrics

– New subject areas in Sourcing, Agreements
– New dashboard and reports for Sourcing
– Introducing scorecard to define & communicate corporate strategy
– KPIs to measure progress and performance over time

• Highly focused, value added, contextual, embedded dashboards

and reports for Fusion
Fusion Sourcing
Negotiate Enforceable Agreements

Solution Key Capabilities

• The new standard for
supplier negotiation
• RFP, RFQ, RFI, and auction
based negotiations
• Supports online and offline
negotiation processes
• Innovative features… BENEFITS
• Accelerated adoption of negotiation best-
• Improved negotiation pipeline planning
and visibility
• Improved standardization, collaboration,
and compliance
Multiple Negotiation Styles and Templates

• Negotiation Styles simplify

the data requirements and
• Guided negotiation
process streamlines
negotiation creation
• Negotiation templates
allow for reuse of best

Copyright 2010 Oracle and/ore its affiliates.

Robust Spreadsheet Support

• Upload requirements to
streamline negotiation
• Allow suppliers flexibility
to respond offline using
familiar tools
• Apply custom formulas
using spreadsheet based
negotiation analysis
• Spreadsheet formatting
support list of values,
optional vs. required
fields, color coding

Copyright 2010 Oracle and/ore its affiliates.

Live Negotiation Monitor
• Improve visibility with real
time access to supplier
• Choose from multiple
embedded analytics for
graphical view of activities
and projected savings
• Allow category managers
to take action directly from
the live negotiation

Copyright 2010 Oracle and/ore its affiliates.

Fusion Procurement Contracts
Streamlined Authoring, Electronic Collaboration, Automated Compliance

Standardize Negotiate Comply

• Centralize corporate contract • Reduce contract cycle times • Enhance regulatory compliance
standards and enforce globally as sales reps quickly draft with deviations reporting and
• Implement controls with policy standard contracts with audit trail
rules and flexible approval Contract Expert • Provide global visibility to key
workflows • Improve negotiations with MS stakeholders with a consolidated
Word collaboration and repository for all contracts
• Ensure effective use of redlining • Reduce contract leakage by
standard clauses and contract • Improve contract automatically enforcing contract
templates effectiveness with automated pricing across the enterprise
• Analyze usage of non-standard renewal management and
language to assess risk and amendment tracking
improve standards
Fusion Procurement Contracts
Single Contract Repository

Solution Key Capabilities

• Multiple contract types
• Store all contracts in a
single, secure
searchable repository
• Search based on
attributes and free form
• Manage renewals
• Contracts visibility to key stakeholders
• Easily find sets of contracts with common
areas of exposure
• Track risky relationships
Fusion Procurement Contracts
Standards Based Authoring

Solution Key Capabilities

• Library of standard clauses,
policy rules and templates
• Wizard based authoring
• Redlining with MS Word
• Change management

• Improve regulatory and procedural
• Reduce time-to-contract and costs
• Reduce contract risk
Fusion Procurement Contracts
Contract Compliance

Solution Key Capabilities

• Report contract deviations
• Track contract deliverables
• Support multiple parties on
single contract
• Automate approvals

• Contract execution compliance
• Negotiate better contracts
• Identify cost saving opportunities
Fusion Procurement
Coexistence Benefits

• Analyze, negotiate and realize cost savings

• Gain experience with Fusion applications
• Minimize impacts to procure to pay and
financial processes
• Lower risk deployment

Oracle Confidential – covered under NDA

The New Standard for Procurement