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Module 4

in Other’s Shoes

We open the doors of

knowledge and

Are you then prepared to

step in and take another
learning journey?
This learning journey will
help you realize that your
dreams in the future could
be achieved a step closer
through the help of people
who are in the professions
or business that you
envision to be in the future.
Learning Objectives
At the end of this module, you are expected to:

• Analyze information gathered through people

with the chosen career or curriculum exit that will
affirm decisions made in choosing the career or
curriculum exit;

• Evaluate the role of people with the chosen

career or curriculum exit in terms of beliefs,
attitudes and skills; and

• Make career road map as an expression of

commitment to one’s chosen career or
curriculum exit.
Brisk Walk Down Memory Lane

• Where are you now in terms of achieving your dreams?

• What have you done already?
• Are you already geared up to take a step farther upon
completion of the Grade 11 modules?

• Here is a poem that will help you revisit their decisions.

Afterwards let them reflect by answering the follow up
Chasing Dreams
Life offers lot of choices,
You’ve come this far,
But do not make choice in
Where else you want to
Nothing is served in silver
You’ve reach this far,
What else do you want to
Take your time, pray for it.
You’ve come this far,
Chase your dreams.
But there’s more in store.
Follow your heart.
You’ve reach this far,
Keep moving forward.
Move on…conquer… soar high.
Always pray hard.
Questions for Reflection

• What is the message of the

• Which line or lines in the poem
do you like best? Why?
• What does the poem wanted
you to do with every milestones
you achieve?
Packing Up For the Journey
Accomplish the following table
(individual activity)
Process Questions
• What realization came into your mind when
performing the activity?

• Are the beliefs, values and skills you have

observed helpful in becoming a successful
professional or an entrepreneur? Why do you think

• How can these beliefs, attitudes and skills be

enhanced in school and outside the four walls of
the classroom?

• What preparations should you do in order to start

your journey towards your career plan?
Journeying Together
Accomplish the following table
(group activity)
Process Questions

• What are the professions or

occupations of the persons
observed by your group?

• Are there common characteristics of

these people in terms of beliefs,
attitudes and skills that were
observed in their workplace?

• Are there characteristics exclusively

possessed by a certain person you
observed in the workplace?

• First hand information can be a very rich source of

• It is the information (the beliefs, attitudes and skills)
and success stories that you get from the people
whom you want to be in the future could make you
more enthusiastic in pursuing your goals.
• This is also called observational learning.
• By shadowing a person or the “More
Knowledgeable Other” or MKO (Vygotsky, 2014)
in his place of work and by asking pertinent
questions it is believed that these new
information will help you in cementing your
decisions to pursue your chosen career.
• Informational observation also strengthens the claim
of the creative job hunting principle (Woodcock,
2014) where it says that the best way to choose a
career is to talk to people doing the job.
• There is a lot of truth in the statement that you don’t
really know what it’s like until you have been doing it
for a while.
• The idea of the observation is to promote
learning context where you play an active role
and become responsible for your own learning.
• Choosing the right course is a big decision and
it is important to get it right, as it can impact
future success.
• Career awareness and self-awareness go
• As Stephen Covey says from his
famous book The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People, Begin
with the end in mind.
• You visualize what you wanted
to become and you are already
on you first step of achieving
your goals.
Time to move
forward and craft a
Career Road map
Crafting A Career Road Map
What is a Career Road Map?

• According to an article by Cao

(2013) a career road map outlines
specific steps to undertake for
moving from one step to another in
ways that will facilitate growth and
career advancement.
• This could be an illustration or
diagram that could easily be
understood by the individual who
crafted it.
Career road maps are flexible
enough and could be revisited
and revised over time or as the
circumstance warrants in order
for you to keep track of your
progress or to address issues
that hinders the achievement of
your goals.
The career road map, upon
accomplishing should be
communicated to
parents/guardians or significant
people whom you think in one way
or the other will be involved in the
attainment of the desired goal.
Here is a sample template of a career road
Here are other examples
We’re almost done…
Write 2-3 sentence
reflection on what
significant learning
you get out of the Up for the
following activities.


My Career
Road Map
One Last Activity

Fitting in Other’s Shoes


• Write your answer to the

two items inside the
• Cut out the outline and
hang it as mobile or
paste it as part of the
other shoe outline of
your classmates.
• I want to be ________________ who is _________________
(career choice) (goal)

• What are the challenges that you foresee in achieving your career

• Make a survey of the existing company or enterprise in your

locality and ask for their own vision, mission goals and core
• You may use the template to accomplish the task.