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 Identify what market needs based

from the problems of the community.
 Coorelate the market needs to the
problems identified by the
 Recognize one’s role as part of the
solution to the problem.
What have you learned from the song
or about the lyrics of the song?
Hypothecally,do you think a
community can live harmonously if
they don’t help each other?
Do you think our school will function
well if you students will not cooperate
and follow the rules?
Problem Tree Analysis

LEVEL 4 – 100%
LEVEL 3 - 95%
LEVEL 2 - 85 %
LEVEL 1 - 75%

With your group,you will analyze the market

problem of our school.
 In your manila paper,you draw a tree, a tree
that must have roots,trunks,branches,leaves
and fruits.
 In an meta card,you will put the following:

Do you see the significance 0f our
workshop? Why?
Was it difficult or easy?
 Do you believe that every
problem might have different
causes? Why?
What if this causes will put to this
area?here in your school? Why?
The that we performed while ago,will
give us the glimpse of the complexity of
the problem. Some problems are hard to
be solve,However,if we can just identify
some of its causes.we can diagnose and
give us an idea of relationships to the
The activity give us an idea of
relationship of the problem and causes.
We call this one,
“ Cause and Effect”.
Market needs are the basis for our
proposal to solve the problem.
 Example:
we know that one of the causes of
malnutrition is eating the unhealthy food.
Therefore our proposal now is to
establish a business which will produce a
healthy foods.

Now,revisit your PROBLEM TREE OUTPUT.

Gallery walk
 Identifya presenter each tree and he will
explain your output.
He will stationb your booth to entertain
other members of the class,while his/her
co- members will visit other booths.
We will do it like a carrousel. With your
cue viewers will transfer from one booth to
 What have you
learned from the
 What have you
observed from the
Problems identified by
other groups?
 Are they interrelated?
½ Crosswise

Explain Brieftly:

 What is your contribution to the community, to

prevent the deseases such as:
a.) Dengue,Zystomiasis and skin rashes or
allergies due to the wrong /improper disposal of

 What are the most cost-effective interventions to

prevent poverty over the comunity?