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Business Plan


Executive summary

As a high school student aspiring to being independent with my own social

media advisement company, I will need a new computer and tablet to
help me be successful. To be able to monitor my customer’s social media
quickly and effectively from home at any time, having a separate work
tablet in addition to my regular work computer would be the most
beneficial. I would need around $2200 to start up my company. A new
MacBook would be about $1500, and an IPad would be about $650.
Business description

Cost of Advertisement in Niagara

The advertisement industry in the
Niagara Region is extremely poor.
Companies don’t have all of the
information on how advertising in the 2000
wrong ways isn’t helping your business

Cost per Month

as much as it could be. Taking a quick 1500

look at the Welland Tribune alone

shows how many companies are still 1000
pulling money from their business for
expensive newspaper ads, when they 500
could just self advertise on the internet. 505
Small Billboard Western Ontario Small Yellow Pages Our Method
Newspaper Ad Ad
Advertisement Method
Business Description
In 2019, having social media accounts for
your business like Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter, and even a website can help you
get the word out about your business faster
and easier. I feel that my company could
use these platforms to help my customers
attract their target audience and bring in
more profit for their business.
Market strategies

In our area, there’s not many people already doing what I want to do. This is a more modern and
original idea that I feel can really benefit the Niagara Region as a whole. As of the 2016 census, a
large portion of our population is between the ages of 40-65 years old. It is very likely that some of
these people would be small business owners, and probably don’t really know how useful social
media can be to their company, or even how it works. With my help, these businesses could be
making more money than ever before.
Census Profile, 2016:
Competitive analysis

I believe I have an extreme advantage over the competitors within my market. They may have
more experience with customers than I do, but being a very young person I’m completely up to
date on all of the online trends and how to use social media to its fullest extent. To bring me to
an even higher advantage, having new research and work technology would allow me to do
my very best work fast and efficiently for my customers. To prevent competition from coming to
my market, I could simply work with the target audience of 40-65 year old business owners and
secure their loyalty to me by doing an outstanding job with their online presence. This way any
new people coming into my field will have a much harder time finding work than I will.
Operations and management plan

On a continuing basis, I intend to work alone for the most part, but if my
business gets really popular I may need to hire some part-time employees to
help monitor the pre-made social media accounts to ensure everything runs
smoothly. I myself will make all of the accounts and advertisement techniques
unless I hire someone with a real talent to assist me.
Financial factors

To get started I would need about $2200 for technology. I would be working
from home and I don’t have many daily fees other than some money for gas
when going to my client’s businesses. To break even I would need to make
about $50 a week, but anything more than that would make a profit for
myself to be used for further investments for my company, or even just
personal benefits. Working alone allows me to not have to pay anyone or
provide them with insurance, but further down the road this may be