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The republic of indonesia is an archipelogo of 34
provinces, with its capital city, jakarta. The
country was founding member of the association
of southeast asian nations (asean). It has been an
important region for trade in the 7th centruy. Its
great population made it the fourth most popular
country in the world.
The many islands of Indonesia manifest a variety of
ethnic and linguistic identities. Nonetheless, the
difference were reconciled through a shared identity
governed by their motto``bhinneka tunggal ika``
(unity in diversity). Its cultural identity is inspired by
Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and European sources. For
instance, the Hindu culture is seen in the wayang
kulit or shadow puppetry. In music, cultural
diversity is also evident because of foreign influences.
Each island in the country has its own cultural and
historical character.

Tembang sunda, also known as seni mamaos

cianjuran or cianjuran, is a form of sung poetry.
Traditionally, the lines are sung in free verse while
the modern one follow a meter. It is
accompanimenied by kacapi indung, kacapi rincik
and suling or bamboo flute.
The qasidah, or religious poetry, is
accompanied by chanting and percussion.
The gamelan is the most popular of the many
forms of indonesian music. It is an ensemble-tuned
percussion instruments including metallophones,
drums, gongs, and spike fiddles, and bamboo flutes.
The metallophone plays the central melody of the
ensemble. The tuning of instruments vary from one
instrument to another.
The kecapi suling uses two instruments kecapi
or zither and suling or bamboo flute. The
instruments play improvised instrumental music.
Is a traditional ensemble music of java and bali in
indonesia, made up predominantly of percussion
instrument. The most common instrument used are
metallophones played by mallet and a set of hand-
played drums called kendhang which register the
beat. Other instruments include xylophones,
bamboo flute, a bowed instrument called a rebab,
and even vocalists called sindhen.
Kecapi suling – is a type of instrumental music
that is highly improvisational and popular in
parts of west java that employs two instruments,
kecapi (zither) and suling (bamboo flute). It is
related to tembang sunda.
Angklung – is a bamboo musical instrument native to
sundanese people of west java. It is made out of bamboo
tubes attached to a bamboo frame. The tubes are carved
so that they have a distinctive resonant pitch when being
vibrated. Each angklung only plays one note.
Kulintang – is a bronze and wooden percussion
instrument native to eastern indonesia and also the
philippines. In indonesia it is particularly
associated with minahasa people of north sulawesi,
however it also popular in maluku and timor.
Sasando – is a plucked string instrument native of rote
island of east nusa tenggara. The parts of sasando are a
bamboo cylinder surrounded by several wedges where
the strings are stretched, surrounded by bag like fan of
dried lontar of palmyra leaves (borassus flabellifer),
functioned as the resonant of the instrument.
Tapanuli ogong – musical
performance from tapanuli area of
north sumatra. Tapanuli ogong is a
form of dance music played with a type
of flute, trumpet and flute.