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Green House

The greenhouse effect is a process by
which thermal radiation from a
planetary surface is absorbed by
atmospheric greenhouse gases, and is
re-radiated in all directions.

Since part of this re-radiation is back

towards the surface, energy is
transferred to the surface and the lower

As a result, the temperature there is

higher than it would be if direct heating
by solar radiation were the only
warming mechanism.
The greenhouse effect is a warming near
the Earth's surface that results when the
Earth's atmosphere traps the sun's heat.
The atmosphere acts much like the glass
walls and roof of a greenhouse.
Founder of Greenhouse Effect
The greenhouse effect was
discovered by Joseph Fourier
in 1824.

First reliably experimented

on by John Tyndall in 1858.

First reported quantitatively

by Svante Arrhenius in 1896.
Green House Gases
Much of it remains trapped
in the atmosphere by the
greenhouse gases, causing
our world to heat up
Burning of Fossil Fuel

NOX +Co2
CFC NOx + Co2
Burning of NO+Co2
Oil, Petrol
CFC Engine
Human activities are enhancing the Greenhouse
Effect, because we are continually adding heat-
trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by
factory emissions, vehicle emissions, etc. Such
gases include carbon dioxide, carbon
monoxide, chlorofluorocarbons, methane and
ozone. The table on the next slide shows some
examples of natural and man-made sources of
some ‘Greenhouse Gases’.
Greenhouse Gas Natural sources Man-made sources

Carbon Dioxide Organic decay, Forest fires, Burning fossil fuels – car
Volcanoes and factory emissions,
electricity generation

Methane Wetlands, Organic decay, Natural gas & oil

Termites extraction, Biomass
Burning, Rice cultivation,
Cattle, Refuse landfills

Nitrous Oxide Forests, Grasslands, Biomass burning; Burning

Oceans, Soils, Soil of fossil fuels
cultivation; Fertilizers

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) None Refrigerators; Aerosol

spray propellants; Cleaning
Major adverse effects of Green
House are listed below:
1. Faster Ocean warming and catastrophic
sea level rising
2. Polar ice caps melting
3. Climate change due to Green House
4. Health Problem
Prevention methods of the Green
House Effect:
1. Use Green technology
2. reuse and recycle
3. Take steps at Home
and Office
4. Learn Smarter car
5. Increase Social
6. Support ‘Emissions
7. Support ‘Kyoto protocol’
Prevention is better than cure.
We should work towards a greener future.

Save The World