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San Juanico Bridge

-stretches from Samar to Leyte
-longest bridge in the Philippines
-2.16 km.
Bridging Gaps

T.D. Jakes
Lesson Objectives
1. explain the literary devices used in the poem
2. Distinguish the images created in the poem by
completing the Mix and Match activity
3. Express appreciation for the contribution of each
member in the activity
4. Motivate oneself and commit to bridging the gaps to
have a common ground
Activity 1: Magic Square
Review on the Figures of Speech
Answer the magic square on your LM
Key to Corrections:
Making Strange Guess


Answer: Coke Float

Answer: Cheeseburger
The Weeping Woman
By Pablo Picasso

By focusing on the image, the

artist is no longer painting the
Spanish Civil War directly, but
rather referring to a singular
universal image of suffering.
A Martian Sends a Postcard Home
1. About the Poem

2. About the author

Answer the Question that follow
1. What is the first object that the Martian is able to describe?
2. What two forms of weather are mentioned in the poem?
3. How does the Martian describe the forms of weather?
4. What other objects are described by the Martian?
5. How different does the Martian see the objects? Cite some
lines from the text to prove your answer.
Defamiliarization or Ostranenie
is the artistic technique of presenting to audiences
common things in an unfamiliar or strange way in
order to enhance perception of the familiar
1. What are the literary devices used in the poem?
Explain each
2. What other techniques did the author use in the
Construct a sentence using the following
figures of speech:

1. Simile
2. Metaphor
3. Personification
Mix and Match