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A career dilemma

Linda has been working with Axiom Merchandise Inc. For the
past five years as a market researcher. Mr. Reyes, the VP for
Marketing Department, carefully noted her exemplary work
performance over the past years. Mr. Reyes, thinks that he
should promote Linda as marketing manager for their
department. He told Linda of his plans to nominate her as
manager. He also asked her if she would be willing to accept it.

Linda became agitated and anxious about the news. While she
has performed well in her current job, deep inside, Linda feels
that she is not prepared to handle the role and responsibilities of
a manager. She had no prior experience being a manager. She
found herself pondering hard over these questions, “Shall I
accept the managerial position? What do I know about being a
Module 1
Nature, Types and
Forms of
What is Management?
Management is a process
of planning, organizing,
leading and controlling
resources to achieve
specific objectives
Management is a
• The process of identifying the objectives of a task,
assignment or cause and the corresponding activities to
achieve those objectives (Schermerhon, 2011)

• Work plan a visual planning tool in a form of a

summary table which usually contains the following
information: 1. Objectives 2. The corresponding
activities to accomplish the given objectives 3. The
persons responsible for doing the identified activities, 4.
The time frame to accomplish each of the activities and
5. The resources needed.
Persons Resources
Objective Activities Time Frame
responsible Required

1. Announce Memo to
Head of
to all employees to
Conduct a personnel via resource
January 15, announce the
team building intranet the department
2019 team bldg
for employees team bldg (Donna)
date and
of Co. Z to be event place
held in White Human
Sand, 2. Prepare Resource Team building
Batangas on program of Department January- program duly
15-16 May, activities for (Elsie) and February approved by
2019 the two day Marketing 2019 the company
team building Department president
Persons Resources
Objective Activities Time Frame
responsible Required

3. Confirm the
List of
list of persons
Human persons who
Conduct a per
Resource January- confirmed to
team buildingDepartment
Department March 2019 attend the
for employees who will
(Elsie) two-day team
of Co. Z to beattend the
held in Whiteteam building
Sand, Budget for
Batangas on 4. Make White Sand
15-16 May, reservations Admin On or before
2019 in White Department March 30,
Sand, (Benjie) 2019
entrance fee)
Persons Resources
Objective Activities Time Frame
responsible Required

Vehicles to be
5. Arrange for Admin On or before used; budget
Conduct a transportation Department March 30 for gas,
team building facilities. (Roy) 2019 drivers, toll
for employees fees
of Co. Z to be
held in White
Sand, Human
Batangas on 6. Arrange Resource
Budget for
15-16 May, food, snacks Department
March-April food, first-aid
2019 and first-aid 2019 and safety
kits for the trip kits for the trip
Emmy, Dan)
• Gathering the resources required to carry out the
activities and allocating the effective and efficient use
of those resources (Schermerhorn,2011)

• Effectiveness means doing the right things while

Efficiency means doing things right.

• Involves the design and establishment of a

management structure that fits the business. The
Management structure shows the hierarchy of
authority which entails the tasks or accountabilities in
the organization.
• A process which encompasses the following:

• Influencing other people to perform the way you wished

them to

• Directing other people to achieve the desired objectives

• Coordinating the proper implementation of activities

• Communicating effectively across various groups

• Motivating individuals to perform their best

(Schermerhorn 2011, Dyek and Neubert,2012).
• Leadership requires establishing and maintaining
good working relationships between the leader
and his or her subordinates.

• Leader must be able to relate well with the rest of

the team to help them realize their potentials and
maximize them for the accomplishment of the
team’s goal.

• A leader is looked upon by his followers as

someone they could trust. Invites respect and
obedience from followers because of capabilities,
personality and overall image.
• defined as monitoring and evaluation of activities undertaken
in relation to the stated objectives. It involves the following:

• Identifying the gap between what was planned and what was

• Determining the main cause problems encountered during the


• Finding ways to correct those problems

• Preventing those problems from recurring

• Seeking new ways to improve how things will be done in the

Management is Using
Proper Resources
• In management resources pertain to people, time,
money, materials, machines, equipment, land,
building, technology, information and
communication systems.
• Resources are essential to achieve specified
• Having the right quantity and quality of resources
at the right time is fundamental in management.
• People are the main and most important resource
in management. People constitute the best
competitive advantage of a business enterprise.
Management aims to
Achieve Objectives
Specific - in a form of sufficient detail such as in
terms of quantity and quality
Measurable - can be assessed and verified
through performance indicators
Attainable - can be achieved by finding your own
ways and strategies
Realistic - can be accomplished given the current
and planned level of resources that you have
Time-bound - can be accomplished within a
definite time period
Perspectives in Management
• Investment Perspective - deriving an expected
economic return or material benefit from a
given activity or business project

• Ethical Perspectives - examining whether a

desired objective is morally right or wrong.

• Individual Fulfillment perspective - looks at how

an organization seeks to satisfy the needs of
employees and develop their full capabilities.
• Mainstream perspective - focuses on the
traditional, materialist, and individualistic view of
management such as the emphasis in
maximizing profitability, productivity and

• Multistream perspective - focuses on a balanced

view of management by taking into account the
multiple forms of well being for multiple
stakeholders. It empasizes corporate social
responsibility, dignification of work, fairness in