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By:Bulletproof Girls

Leader: Cielo Mae B. Javier

Ayesha Audrey R. Gurerrero
Noreen Fae C. Gabriolla
Joanna Carla V. Purruganan
Angelila H. Basas
First we think of the idea of how we will do it or
how will it look like.
When we agree what or how will we do it and what
are the things/materials we need , we talk about how
we will buy those. So I volunteer that I will buy all
the things/materials we needed but we will all
contribute money. After that we talk about where
will we do it. So we all agreed that we will do the
project at Ayesha’s house. The plan is we will all meet
at school and go to Ayesha’s house. When we got
there in 1:00 pm we already started to make the
project cause the planned time that we will go home is
5:00 pm. First thing we do is that we again talk
about what will we do and who is in charge to do the
things they are in charge with. In painting: ayesha is
in charge of painting the venus and mercury, Noreen
is in charge of painting the mars and Saturn, angelila
is in charge of painting the earth and Uranus ,
Joanna is in charge of painting the Neptune and
pluto and I am in charge of painting the sun and
jupiter. We spend so much fun together and have a
really great time. After that we put the planets all in
a table covered with paper and wait for them to be
dry. While waiting we had ate pizza and carbonara
and talk about each other and tell jokes. When we are
finished to ate our food we checked if our planets are
dry but there are not yet dry so we go outside and
play while waiting for it to be dry. Me, Ayesha and
Noreen played volleyball while angelila and Joanna
played badminton.
It as so much fun and Noreen was been hit by the
volley ball in the face we all laugh so hard that it
was so much fun. When we are tired of playing I
checked my watch and it was already 4:00 pm so we
go to checked our planets if they are dry and happy
to say that they are already dry. So we put the
planets in there places using the glue gun and after
that we put illustration board on the back of our
project so it will stay hard and we put some designs.
After all that we put plastic cover so that it will be
protected and it will be beautiful. And we all clean
up. Ayesha and me washed the paintbrushes while
Noreen,angelila,and Joanna cleaned the
sorroundings. And after all that we all go home and
I am the one in-charge to bring home the project.
Our Solar System
Our project is about the solar system. It is the
model of the solar system. It shows the
arrangement of the planets and its description.
Our Solar System is an amazing place. Not only
is it home to eight planets, it also hold several
dwarf planets, hundreds of moons, and
thousands of stars and asteroids. The eight
planets in our Solar System are Mercury, Venus,
Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and
Pluto. These planets orbit the Sun. The Solar
System is a fascinating place. Each of the eight
planets have their own unique features, but are
also similar in some ways - much like people! It
is amazing to think that the Solar System has
been around for more than 4.6 billions years.
Each of the eight planets orbits the sun in the
same direction, and in their own time. We have
so much more we can learn about the Solar
System, and so much we have learned already
Our Score
Cleanliness: 10
Design: 25
Color of the planets: 35
Arrangement: 20
Documentary: 10 _______
Total: 100