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Study of Customer Behaviour And

Measuring Customer Satisfaction After

Staying At OYO Home

By : Siddhi Suryakant Vikari

Roll No. 18MBAMKT77
• OYO Homes are designed to be unique, located in beautiful local
neighbourhoods and come with the same convenience and consistency of an
OYO managed Hotel.

• OYO homes are independent houses managed and maintained by the OYO

• OYO is providing variety of home stays,hotel rooms, flagship, studio stays, long
stays and OYO bazaar to the customers.
Company Profile : Hospitality Industry
• OYO is aiming to become the world's largest Hotel chain by 2023 as it
expands into newer countries in the Middle East, South East Asia and
• CEO of OYO Mr. Agarwal say’s ,
“Our belief is that if we just keep opening 50,000 keys a month, then by
2023 we would have opened roughly 2.5 million more rooms, which will be
at least 2 times of what the world’s largest hotel chain is today”
Research Objectives
• To improve the level of customer satisfaction by applying new concepts,
tools and techniques.
• To establish a link between customer satisfaction and the organization.

• Level of customer satisfaction improved by giving high-quality amenities

and serving the customers by their own team.
Literature Review

• OYO has become an O'Neill, M.A et al, (2012), assessed the service
quality using Gap analysis, in this study the perceived quality of a given
service is the outcome of an evaluation process during which customers
compare their prior expectations of the service with that they have actually
• OYO rooms have become an online aggregator of budget hotels. Online
customers express their loyalty to a service provider in various ways
(Virtanen et al., 2003). It is indicated in return and repurchases behavior
and favorable word of mouth. In online purchase behavior, word-of-mouth
can spread quickly. On-line customers can use e-mail, often offered in the
form of a link, to recommend their favorite web site to friends and family.
Research Methodology
• Questionnaire includes open ended and few Close ended questions
• Research design includes Exploratory research to collect the relevant Data
• The respondents were selected from educational institutions, shops, offices
and households modifications were made to the scale to fit the purpose of
the study
• Modifications were made to the scale to fit the purpose of the study.
Data Analysis and Interpretation
• Customers Review about Satisfaction includes following Factors
1. Flexible Check-In Check-Out Times (48)
2. Affordable Stays (37)
3. Clean Linens and Wash Rooms (7)
• Customers Satisfaction Level preference is as follows
1. Flexible Check-In Check-Out Times (48)
2. Affordable Stays (37)
3. Clean Linens and Wash Rooms (7)