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Create Your Own

Richard Velazquez
July 1, 2019
CUIN 3313
Dr. Dogan

What is WEB 2.0?
Web 2.0 is a social web that has been with us since the 2000’s. We have increased
the usage of the internet by allowing it to come with us in our pockets. Web 2.0 has
also allowed us to create things online and post it to either gain followers, sell or
even advertise businesses. We are connected with one another by sharing each
other’s information through social media. In Daniel Nations article of “What does
Web 2.0 even mean?” He mentions how ideas have define the Web 2.0 and people
have put them on the web, which has transformed into the way we think and do
business. Web 2.0 has been around for quite some time, but people are already
shifting into Web 3.0 and it will continue to rise with the coming years.

Introducing and Describing
In Marvel HQ: Create your own Superhero, you have the ability to test your imagination and create your own choice of a superhero. It’s a
fun site for all ages and comic book fans that wish to show their brilliant ideas of their own superhero. You can name the superhero, mix
and match costumes of all your favorite Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine. With this website you can
customize the face, hair, and other features and when you are finish with your masterpiece, you can post it online.

On the Marvel HQ: Create your own, you are not
required to create a login, nor does it ask you to create
one. The website is free for anyone who loves Marvel
comic books and wishes to have fun with creating their
very own superhero. The website allows you to save and
share once you have completed the creation and also
have the option to post it online. It has various options
for you to choose from and different colors and shapes
you would like to add on your superhero. This can be
used as an educational tool for young students who are
entering Jr high school. They can learn to use a
computer and determine if this is a career aspiration for

This are examples per step on how to create a superhero and the
features that are provided to complete your customization.

Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Final Step

Educational usage:

This tool is not currently being used as an educational tool. I believe this tool can be used
as an educational tool by allowing students in school who are taking computer classes to
experiment on new sites and learn to become creative. If a computer class was to require
this site as a homework/ participation grade, most students would enjoy creating their very
own superhero and learn to think outside the box when testing their creativity. Another
way how this tool can be used as an educational purpose is by allowing young students to
learn to use a computer and mouse, learn how to save and share assignments or can even
be used to learn to screenshot and print them.

Examples of practicing this tool:
● This tool can used to determine career aspirations
● It can be used as journal writing for after a field trip
● Show thought and detail skills
● Demonstrate artistic skills
● Use as part of a writing assignment, describing why did you choose this?, Why
does superhero look like this?
● As part of introduction to get to know your students especially have an idea of
strengths and weaknesses
● Spelling and grammar check

Users are able to showcase
their creativity and
imagination to design their
own representation of a what
a superhero means to them. It
allows them to have a role
model to look up to and
compare themselves too. A
strength is also that it can
inspire a person to pursue a
career within a computer
based technological career
A limitation could be that the site will only be able provide certain “powers” or abilities for the
superheroes within the perimeters of the website. For example, if the user would like to add laser
beams to their super hero the site may not provide this feature. A disadvantage could be that users
may become infatuated with the superheroes unrealistic characteristics and if they are not able to be
like them it could cause depression. Another disadvantage could be that users may become too
involved with the created character and become socially awkward where they cannot have successful
person to person interactions since they spend most of their time interacting with a made-up

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