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The Effect of Facebook Usage on

Students Academic Performance

Background of the Study

Facebook is one of the most used social media in this generation. What is
the good thing about Facebook? It gives students additional knowledge,
it will improve their knowledge about other places customs and cultures.
On the other hand, Facebook also can bring bad effects for students.
There are some advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook. It is
okay that people use it to kill time but it should have limitations. A lot of
students are wasting their time for Facebook and neglecting their studies
that’s why we chose this topic so that not only the students but also those
who are addicted to Facebook would be aware to the possible effects of
Statement of the Problem Objective of the Study
Determine whether the people agree or
Would you agree or disagree for Underage disagree for the underage to use
to use Facebook? Facebook.

Fighting in Facebook publicly, good or Access if fighting in Facebook a good or

bad? bad thing.

Choosing between Facebook and Identify which the students choose

Studies/Family, What would it be? between Facebook or studies/family.
Significance of the Study

The purpose of this study is to identify the impact of Facebook to students. In particular,
students are a main class of Facebook users who spend long hours on the social network,
which has worried parents and educational authorities about their academic performance.
Through this research not only the students but all the Facebook users would be aware of
the possible effects of Facebook. Also, they will know what to avoid while using Facebook.
This study will open the eyes of the students that being addicted to Facebook has a lot
of bad effects. Through this study, they can have enough knowledge of what Facebook can
do to their lives.
For the parents, they will also be aware of what their children are behaving in
Facebook, so that they would be able to limit their child’s use of Facebook.
Lastly for the teachers, they can guide and warn their students of the possible effects of
being addicted to Facebook.
Hypothesis of the Study

 HO.1 There is no significant relationship between Facebook users and influencers.

Locale of the Study

 Valencia Baptist Christian Academy is located at Sayre Highway Valencia City Bukidnon, in
front of Nvm mall. The school is offering Preschool Education, Junior High school and Senior
High school.
Participants of the Study

 The participants of this study are the students of Valencia Baptist Christian Academy,
from Grade 4 to Grade 12, between the ages of 10 – 18 years old. We chose them as
our respondents because they already had their personal accounts in facebook.
Research Procedure

The researchers conducted an interview in Valencia Baptist Christian Academy. The

researchers gathered approximately 20 students. They explained what their research is all
about and gave their questions to the respondents. After answering, they gathered all the
answers or information that they got.
The researchers made 20 questions about Facebook. However, making questions is
not easy but the researchers could easily provide some negative and positive questions by
observing the students. Thinking that students are so addicted of using Facebook.