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Josué Rodríguez Martínez

What is a cover letter?

The cover letter typically accompanies

the resume when you are applying for
a position of job in a company.
1. Opening paragraph

2. Second paragraph

3. Third paragraph

4. Fourth paragraph

5. Closing paragraph
Step #1: Opening paragraph

Concise, punchy
Identify your Where you saw
sentences grab
target job. the ad.

If someone who knows the Your interest in

employer referred you, give the position.
the name of that person.
Step #2: Second paragraph

Highlight your strongest qualifications. Demonstrate how these qualifications

will benefit the employer.
Step #3: Third paragraph

Demonstrate your knowledge of the

company. Create interest by showing
your value.
Step #4: Fourth paragraph

Give a detailed description of your

experience. Show employers your
Step #5: Closing paragraph

Thank the employer in advance for

their consideration and that you are
looking forward to meeting with soon.
1. Is my cover letter consistently formatted, with 1” margins
and font size between 11-12pt?

2. Is my cover letter on one page?

3. Did I personalize the cover letter to describe my interest in

Cover the position and company?

letter 4. Did I specifically address my ability to perform the job they

are hiring for?

check list 5. Did I select my most relevant experiences to present my

background to meet the reader’s needs?

6. Is my cover letter error free including correct grammar,

spelling and punctuation?

7. Did I double check that the cover letter is addressed to the

correct contact, company, and that the company name is
correct throughout the document?
Advantage of a cover letter
Gives employers a quick summary of how your qualifications
match their needs.

Highlights unique, specific contributions you would bring.

Makes a positive first impression.

Attracts and holds interest, inspiring employers to find out

more about you from your resume and in an interview.
Positive attitude/motivation/energy/passion – 96.8%
Self-motivated/able to work with little or no supervision – 93.5%
Honesty/integrity – 93.5%
High performance standards – 87.1%
Accountability/responsibility – 83.9%
Dedication/hardworking/tenacity – 80.6%
Customer service oriented – 74.2%
Flexibility/adaptability – 74.2%
Willingness to work and learn – 71.0%
Leadership/management skills – 67.7%
Speaking/listening – 93.3%
Judgment/decision making – 93.3%
Teamwork – 90.0%
Problem solving – 86.7% > Writing – 83.3%
Critical thinking – 80.0%
Flexibility/adaptability/multi-tasking – 76.7%
Planning/time management – 76.7%
Computer competency – 73.3%
Efficient use of technology, tools and equipment – 67.7%