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Branding/Digital Marketing

SWOT Analysis

Website Content
Service Specific Brochures

Social Media Presence

Industry Specific Blogs
Brand Building

Domain security
Brand Recall
Mobile Optimization

Brand Visibility
Brand Recognition
360 Degree Branding
Website is the first line of communication for any
company. It is mandatory to have a contemporary
and mobile optimized version.

Creatives for social media helps in creating a
personality for the brand and engage employees
and customers on a regular basis

Search Engine Optimization of the website helps in
creating a domain authority of the products and
services specific to your industry

Content is king. Creating domain specific articles
would help to connect and educate your leads and
Total Deliverables

Digital Marketing
Website Development

• Designing the UI/UX
• Social Media
• Website Development
• News letters
• Landing Pages
• Videos
• Annual Maintenance
Content & Creatives

Components Qty/month

No. Blogs 4

No of creatives 5
(4 company specific + 1 seasonal greeting)
Social Media Channels 4
(FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
1 Testimonial / month + 1 product video / month
No of videos Or
1 complete production / quarter

Newsletter design 1

Total Deliverables 25 - 27