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Motivations to choose digital

Motivation is the driving force within an individual that impels them to act

As per the survey conducted by economic times in 2017

Motivations Reasons
• Convenience of digital payments is the biggest
34% motivation for Digital payments

• Security is a concern with identity theft as a

84% concern
Easy Tracking/Security • More offers from companies and banks is
Shortage of cash creating a need arousal

• Product specific goals was to make monetary

Survey results conducted by ET in 2017 transactions as easy as possible
Total respondents 663 49%
Figure denotes % of total respondents
Process of online buyers behavior

Online and offline Inputs Online buyer Output

environment behavior

• Marketing • E- Commerce • Impulsive • Customer

techniques by environment • Rational service
companies • P2P market • Price and
• Sociological and • Social Media quality of
Psychological • Online Trends product
factors • Other marketing
• Process of
decision making activities
• Marketing
• Socio-cultural
• Emotion
• Budgeting
Benefits driving the Motivation
• It is a Psychogenetic need which arises from the environment one lives in

• Cashless makes these transactions more convenient as people don’t have to carry cash or cards. It
gives you freedom of transacting wherever and whenever you want

• One can easily track the spending as all the online payments are stored in digital databases. Thus,
one does not have to keep a record of spending

• It is the 2nd order of Maslow’s need of safety and security . Online payment provides better
safety of money as compared to traditional cash. Cash can be stolen, but digital payments are
more secure as its difficult to copy. Biometric and other new technologies will make it even more

• Many digital platforms are offering discounts, which motivates people to buy stuff at a cheaper
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