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How are the body

and spirit related?

Enables man to
BODY communicate with the
physical world.

Comprise that part in man

SOUL known as the intellect,

which makes man’s
existence possible.

Is the part which man
communicates with
SPIRIT God. With this part man
worships God, serves
him, and understands his
relationship with God.
 Philosophersconsider the human person as
defined by the union of the body and the spirit.


body and the spirit are not only united, but they
are integrated with each other.

 Whatever affects the body also affects the spirit,

and this unique trait of the person enables him
or her to experience both the physical and
spiritual world.
 Enables us to do and experience all the things that makes us
human persons.

Scientist: Consider Philosophers: We

love not just with the
love a result of
heart nor with the
various biological
brain, but we love
another person with
associated with an
our entire being.
increase hormones,
which have certain
effects on the body.

 Therefore embodiment is the one thing that enables us to

feel love and love others.
 Our experience is also a product of
 If you recall those happy moments
in your life, you will not only
remember the people you were
with and the events that happened
at that moment, you also feel the
happiness you felt at that moment.
 The human body also stands as the mediator between the
material world and the spiritual world.
 Human embodiment allows person to attach certain feelings or
ideas not only to people, but also to objects.

A pair of rubber slippers may not mean much to most
people, but a particular pair of rubber slippers could be
someone’s treasure. Because the pair of rubber slippers is not just a
material object to someone, but it could be something meaningful
as a present from love one.
 With human embodiment, physical acts are no longer
purely physical acts, because the body conveys
something from a persons inner world.

 Thisemotions and ideas are given to another person

because of interiority, who recognizes the thoughts
that the others wishes to convey.

A smile from stranger will not elicit a reaction from you,
but a smile from your crush will immediately cause an intense
emotional reaction to you.