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 The 35 hectares (86 acres) property where the Araneta Center is located was purchased by J.
Amado Araneta in 1952. The land stood between Highway 54 (now EDSA), Aurora Boulevard,
P. Tuazon Boulevard, and 15th Avenue. As of 1959, the area was remote and located in an area
designated for suburban mass housing and frequented by Hukbalahap rebels. The original
owner of the property was the Radio Company of America (RCA). Initially, Araneta has
purchased only 4 hectares (9.9 acres) of land from RCA and built his residence in 1953 which
would become known as "Bahay na Puti" (White House). It was in 1955 that Araneta
purchased the remaining 31 hectares (77 acres) from RCA.
 In 1956, Araneta sold a portion of the property to the Philippine National Bank which
proceeded to set up a branch in the area. On the same year, the first Aguinaldo Department
Store, a well-known retailer established its first branch beyond Manila. Araneta's Progressive
Development Corporation (PDC) relocated its offices from Plaza Cervantes
in Binondo, Manila to the Araneta Enterprise Building along Aurora Avenue. PDC would be
tasked to develop the Araneta Coliseum.
 There was rapid development following the opening of the Araneta Coliseum in 1960. In the
1970s, there was a construction boom with the creation of the Ali Mall, followed by SM Cubao,
Fiesta Carnival (now the site of Shopwise hypermarket), Plaza Fair, New Frontier Theater, COD
Araneta Center

Araneta Center Skyline from Vivaldi Residences Cubao

Location Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Opening Date 1960

Developer Araneta Center, Inc.

Owner Araneta Center, Inc.

Website http://www.aranetacenter.net
 Smart Araneta Coliseum, one of the biggest indoor domes in the world
 Cubao Skyline in 2017.
 Cubao, south of Diliman is an important commercial area. At its heart is the Araneta Center along
EDSA (C-4) and Aurora Boulevard (R-6). It is a 35-hectare commercial estate owned and developed by
the Araneta family. Department stores and retail centers can also be found here, such as Gateway
Mall, Plaza Fair, Rustan's, Shopwise Supercenter, SM Cubao, Ali Mall, and Farmer's Plaza. At the center
is Smart Araneta Coliseum, often called the Big Dome. Many musical concerts, ice shows, circus shows,
religious crusades, wrestling, cockfighting, and basketball games are held in this 25,000-capacity
coliseum. In the outskirts of Araneta Center is the Cubao Expo, an artists' colony and site of weekend
flea markets. It is also a home to call centers like APAC, Telus, and Stellar. Stellar (Stellar Philippines
Inc.) recently moved out of its Cubao site and moved to Eastwood City in 2010. It is Surrounded by
Condominiums, BPO Offices, Schools, Transport Terminals, Residential and Commercial Properties.
 North from Araneta Center along EDSA (C-4) are numerous bus terminals, which serves buses to most
places in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao. It is also an intersection point for two of city's commuter train
lines (Lines 2 and 3).
 Situated on the Guadalupe Plateau, the City’s topography is largely rolling with alternating ridges and
lowlands. The southern part of the City has a low grade terrain while the northern half is undulating that
culminates at the Novaliches Reservoir or La Mesa Dam where the water supply for most of the region is
 The city’s slope is generally undulating to rolling. Most of these parts are of Novaliches Clay which is
further categorize as follows; The Urban Land Complex (NvucC/D) with 5-15 percent slope covering an
area of 7,598.62 hectares 47.16%. The Novaliches Urban Land Complex (NvucB) with 2-5 percent slope
and an area of 1,169.20 hectares or 7.26%. The Novaliches Clay (NvC1) with 5-8 percent slope, slightly
eroded has an area of 1,758.52 hectares or 10.91% and the Novaliches Clay (NvD1) with 5-8 percent
slope and an area of 242.41 hectares or 1.50%. The San Luis Clay described as the undulating basaltic
plateau with 2-5 percent slope, slightly eroded covers an area of 1,486.98 hectares or 9.23%. The San
Manuel Clay the minor alluvial plain is also classified into two (2) namely; the San Manuel Clay Loam
(SmA) with 2-5 percent slope covers an area of 136.22 hectares or .85% and San Manuel clay loam
(SmAf1) with 0-2 percent slope, slightly flooded areas covers an area of 108.34 hectares or .67%. The
Burgos Clay, the alluvial fan terraces with 2-5 percent slope covers an area of 557.95 hectares or 3.46%.
Other areas are identified as Escarpment and Built up Areas covers an area of 619.88 hectares or 3.85%
and 102.36 hectares or.63% respectively.
a) Air quality management
There shall be established air quality standards which shall prescribe the maximum
concentration of air pollutants permissible in the atmosphere consistent with public health,
safety and general welfare.

In the establishment of air quality, factors such as local atmospheric conditions, location and
land use, and available technology, shall be considered among others.

B) water quality management

• classification of Philippine waters;

• establishment of water quality standards;
• protection and improvement of the quality of the Philippine water resources, and
• responsibilities for surveillance and mitigation of pollution incidents.

The National Pollution Control Commission, in coordination with

appropriate government agencies, shall classify Philippine waters, according
to their best usage. In classifying said waters, the National Pollution Control
Commission shall take into account, among others, the following:
(a) the existing quality of the body of water at the time of classification;
(b) the size, depth, surface area covered, volume, direction, rate of flow,
gradient of stream; and
(c) the most beneficial uses of said bodies of water and lands bordering them
for residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, navigational,
recreational, and aesthetic purposes.

Progressive development corporation
• manages investments and property assets of the Araneta Group outside the four other strategic business units: Araneta
Center, Philippines Pizza Inc., Araneta Hotels Inc., and Uniprom. PDC is also the incubator and nurturing entity for new
Uniprom Inc.
• Uniprom Inc. (UI) manages the leisure and entertainment ventures of the Araneta Center: Smart Araneta Coliseum, Kia
Theatre, TicketNet Online, Gateway and Ali Mall Cineplex.
• Aside from providing venues to notable local and international shows, Uniprom Inc. also produces and promotes
internationally acclaimed sports and entertainment shows like the World Slasher Cup, and the annual Binibining
Pilipinas beauty pageant. UI has also been in a three-decade partnership with the producers of “Disney on Ice,” which is
held annually at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.
Smart Araneta Coliseum
• At the heart of the Araneta Center is the 20,000- seater Smart Araneta Coliseum, the country’s iconic sports and
entertainment mecca. With its identity inseparable from the Araneta Center, the venue is famous for what is considered
to be one of boxing’s best fights ever, the “Thrilla in Manila“ between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

• The Big Dome had its makeover in March 2012 with the construction of a 4-storey glass wall atrium at the Green Gate.
This now serves as a ceremonial entrance of the coliseum.
• The coliseum has an improved Red and Green Gate lobbies, back-of-house facilities as well as newly appointed upper box
and patron sections, and additional safety features. All arena seats have been replaced for the convenience of audiences
that troop to the venue to watch over 260 local and international shows every year.
• Two elevated rail stations serve the area; the Metro Rail Transit System (line 3) and Light Rail Transit System (line 2)
araneta center- cubao station. It also serves as a terminal for jeepneys and UV express vehicles serving the nearby
areas of Quezon City, Marikina, Rizal Province, Manila, Eastern Pasig, Northern Caloocan and San Juan as well as two
bus terminals, the araneta center bus terminal and the araneta center bus port, serving the passengers going to the
Southern Luzon, Bicol Provinces, and Visayan Provinces.

• The mode interchange area facility integrates the needs of buses, jeepneys, private cars and passengers in one
convenient location.
• to develop a pair of terminals both sides of EDSA to improved accessibility of public transport passengers and
vehicles to cubao area. and at the same time, to remove the existing traffic bottlenecks along EDSA, Aurora Blvd and
their intersection
• to encourage more intensive and efficient use of limited land in CBD areas
Araneta Center Jeepney

Circulati Terminal (PUJ)

General Romulo Ave. :

V.V cubao-araneta center to
Lagro, Quezon City
SM fairview
The Araneta Center is a Litex Manggahan
hive of activity where Libis, Quezon City
visitors are treated to Project ⅔ Quezon City
everything from Calumpang, Marikina
amazing deals to world Telus Arcade:
class concerts and V.V cubao-araneta center to
performances and a Project 4, Quezon City
whole lot more. Silangan
Camp Crame
Cainta, Rizal
Antipolo, Rizal
Angono, Rizal

TELUS International has become a leading provider of contact centre and IT services to clients in the utilities, IT,
Telecoms, consumer electronics and financial services industries.

Araneta Centers gateway to EDSA, the newly renovated farmers plaza has a modernized facades, upgraded facilities and
amenities, and enhanced security to ensure costumer’s safety. With the EDSA-MRT station directly connected to the
plaza’s shopping concourse, it offers utmost comfort and convenience to shoppers from all over the metropolis.

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