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Analytical skills

Presented By : Arvind Saini

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What Exactly Are Analytical Skills :

 Analytical skill is the ability to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to find a solution
or complete an exercise.

 The ability to visualize, articulate, conceptualize or solve both complex and uncomplicated problems by
making decisions that are sensible given the available information.

 Such skills include demonstration of the ability to apply logical thinking to breaking complex problems
into their component parts.

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Basic Examples of analytical skills

Examples of Analytical Skills :

 Analytical skill is a misnomer as there are many different types of analytical skill, riding a bike is an analytical
skill, carpentry is also, yet these two activities appear to have very little in common.

 As one is riding, they are watching for obstacles, planning when and how they will turn, estimating speed
and judging distance to their destination. The ability to compile the information available and use it to
complete the goal of getting from "point A" to "point B" is an example of analytical skill.

 Carpentry is also an analytical skill that requires an advanced ability to not only use the tools provided
(hammer, nails, tape measure, etc.) but to conceptualize an end result based on a two-dimensional drawing.

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Why to analyze information

 The political decisions we make can change the course of legislation locally, regionally and

 The economic decisions we make, impact how we live and similarly the future of companies
and markets.

 The personal decisions we make, affects the relationships you have with family, friends and

 The business decisions we make can enhance the quality of our work and even open new
doors to opportunities.

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5 tips to better analytical skills

 Ask the right questions.

 Realize what you don’t know.

 Make no assumptions.

 Don’t take what you see at face value.

 Turn information into knowledge.

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Ask the right questions

 What do we know already ?

 What do we need to know ?

 What are the expected results ?

 How do we act on it once we have the data ?

 What all sources/dependencies would be there to gather the required data ?

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Realize what you don’t know

 Don’t hesitate to ask simple questions ?

 Start from the bottom to ensure that you cover all the bases ?

 Allow your analysis to guide you in different directions ?

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Make no assumptions

 Are you sure the information would be easily found ?

 Is it possible that someone might have gathered similar information ?

 Do you have sufficient time to complete the analysis ?

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Don’t take things at face value

 Errors occur by both men and machine.

 Cross reference statistics and research whenever its possible.

 Look deeper to determine the real value in information.

 Validate sources to ensure their credibility.

From 50 feet, this may look like
Marilyn Monroe but on closer
inspection its actually Albert

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Turn information into knowledge

 After collecting information, review and assemble it.

 Create categories that help organize it.

 Look for patterns of reoccurring data.

 Add your perspective to what you have uncovered.

 Summarize analysis to crystallize the findings.

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Analytical quiz

What Word Do you See ?

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Analytical quiz

What Do you See ?

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Analytical quiz

How Many Black Dots Do You See ?

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Thank you

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