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HR Institute of Higher

Education, Hassan

Plywood is highly versatile designed product. The plywood industry has more than 75 years old in
India. It was started on small scale. In 1906-07 plywood was imported to India for first time costing of
Rs.31 lacks.

In 1947-48 the factories were started diversify its product to flush doors, profitable plywood, black
boards, attractive plywood marine and aircraft plywood, produced in Indian factories.

Now a days every place it may industrial office, houses are using plywood fixtures this may lead to
expansion of showrooms, factories where they also designing different products in plywood.
 Quality control is the main motive of the company. The motive of the company is to
provide the best quality products to the customers and ensure customer satisfaction.
 They provide the customized products based on the customers expectation and
 The quality is maintained in each and every step of the procedure till it is delivered and
Vision & Mission :

 Vision:
Pyramid timber associates will be the benchmark for wood based industry in
delivering quality, reliability, value and environment, management through
sustainable growth.

 Mission:
Every employee at Pyramid Timber Associates Pvt. Ltd. stirves to live by the
motto. The focus on vision has resulted in a rock solid reputation for consistency,
reliability and products that conform to national and international standard alike.
Awards and achievement:

Pyramid timber is first Income tax payer at correct time in Mysore and they also
awarded in 2016 for the completion of projects within given period.
Machine Learning:

1. High frequency press 2. Automated panel sizing

3. Molding machine 4. Profile wrapping

5. CNC machine production 6. Hot press machine for door and veneer

7. Edge bending machine 8. Packing machine

Production Process:


Wood logs

Saw Mill

Finger joint

High frequency press

Automated panel sizing





Veneer slicer

Veneer drying

Double knife veneer clipper

Veneer storage

Longitudinal splicer

Inventory shed

Hot press for door and veneer production

Beam saw

Edge bending

UV polishing line

Automated door spray

SWOT analysis of pyramid timber
 Company has foreign exports where they have international contacts of business.
 Company is planning to sell the products through online.
 They do not leave any wastage they use it by recycling.
 Pyramid timber have good environment with greenery.

 Damages of wood or quality of wood can decreased due to changing climate.
 No capital from public they may get less capital from their own

 Labor turnover.
 They have opportunity to trade more in international level.
 Acquiring new and updated technology.
 New markets in railing, roofing and ceiling of woods, decorative.

 Volatility of revenue.
 In may cause unhealthy in polishing department due to smell and dust so they are
Recruiting north Indian people because they are capable than local people.
 Most of the employees are neutral in their opinion regarding the Infrastructure
Mc Kinsey’s 7s Frame work
The 7S Framework first appeared in “The Art Of Japanese Management” by Richard
Pascal and Antony Athos in 1981.
The Seven S model was born at a meeting of the four authors in 1978. It went on to
appear in “In search of excellence” by Peters and Waterman, and was taken up as a
basic tool by the global management consultancy McKinsey: it’s sometimes known as
the McKinsey 7S model.
Production Department:
 He plans and organizes production schedule he assigns project and resource
 He estimates negotiates and agrees budgets and time scales with clients and
 He selects orders and purchases, materials .he organizes relevant training sessions.
 He supervises the work of junior staff.
Marketing Department:
Strategy is a term that refers to a complex web of thoughts, ideas, insights,
experiences, goals, expertise, memories, perceptions and expectations that provides
general guidance for specific actions in pursuit of particular ends.

 Waste elimination: The wooden wastage is not disposed by the company instead it
is reused again for Boiling vats and Hot press for door and veneer production.

 Sample Display: The sample of different Wood are displayed in the Experience
Center which is located inside the company campus with the modern interior
designs based on the present market trends made up of wood with suitable

 Interiors: The interiors of the company are designed with wood.

 Procurement of wood: They procure the specific woods for production.

 Automated Operation: They are equipped with automated machineries for

production. They use automated cutting machines, Glue machines, Panel sizing
machines, Molding machine, CNC machine, veneer slicer machine, veneer drying
machine etc.

 Protection of wood: They inject the chemicals suitable for protecting the wood.
HR Department:

 The HR department often publishes training materials including
handbooks detailing all aspects of the job.
 Selection of an employee is a process of choosing the applicants, who have
the qualifications to fill the vacant job in the company.
Joining formalities:
 This selection plays down the detailed joining formalities to be completed
by the new entrant with HR department.HR will be responsible for
completing the formalities for those employees who join.
 Training is a process of learning a sequence of programmed behavior. It is
application of knowledge and gives people an awareness of rules and
procedures to guide their behavior.
Work performance:
 Performance evaluations also can serve as a constructive tool that assist
mentoring employees on areas of employee development and
Finance Department:
 The Finance Manager Provides information about the interest rates at which the
company is willing to take loans.
 He Estimates the future cash flow needs.
 He recommends about taking short-term loans or self-financing.
 He analyses the economic units production and its impact on the existing and
planned project
Demographic Information:
Gender: Gender Employees Percentage
Male 38 63%
Female 22 37%
Total 60 100%


Strongly Agree

57% Agree


Interpretation: On the basis of gender, 37% are female and 63% are male so it can be say that
company has more male employees than female employees
Ratio analysis:
Financial Ratios 17th march 18th march Average ratio
Current ratio 0.12 1.18 0.65
Quick ratio 0.01 0.99 0.5
Cash ratio 1 3.12 2.06
Gross profit margin 0.19 1.2 0.69

Operating profit margin 0.45 2. 1.22

Net profit 10 15 12.5
Inventory turnover ratio 1.45 2.98 2.21
Assets turnover ratio 1.34 2.5 1.92
Accounts payable turnover 2 3.67 2.83
EPS 2.45 4.62 3.54
Account Receivable Turnover 13 16 14
ROCE 0.34 1.34 0.84
ROA 2 2.45 2.22

 Every steps followed in the production by the organization.

 They have focused more on the quality of the product.
 By continuous research and innovation they have arrived at wood house project.
 They operate globally and have contacts with different countries for their imports and
 They attract everyone with their wooden interiors and exteriors and the experience center.
 There is a continuous and efficient Supply chain management and inventory management in
the company.
 They provide only on-the-job training to their employees based on their requirement with
their own strategies and procedures.
 They procure the wood which are permitted by the government.
 It is located in the proper industrial area hence, it does not disturb the residential areas.
 They maintain good relationship with the customers and their workforce.
 There is an efficient waste management.

1.They can provide more benefits to their employees.

2. Company has less women employees they can give more opportunity to women
employees to work in their organization.
3. Company can adopt new methods to check proper background where they can
know better about individual employee.
4. Training can be given in much more better way where they can give full
satisfaction to employees by that they can expect more performance by employees.
5. Infrastructure facility provided by the company may not satisfy the employees. If
they give much better infrastructure facility like transport, food, water supply, by
that they can give fully satisfaction to employees.
6. The company should encourage employees to participate in decision making where
they can assess the employees they also get different ideas from employees and it is
a way to improve motivation.
7. There should be a proper technique to identify a cause and resolve the problem.

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