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IDEAPLUS Corporation specialize in making

drawing tools for engineering and architecture
students. Our mission strives to support
improvements in designing and make a positive
difference in their lives by providing drafting
tools that will help them in designing.
Philosophy and Vison
IDEAPLUS Corporation aims to be the leading drawing tube provider in
the Philippines.
As customer-focused incorporation, our culture is based on five core
Innovation- We continue to produce products that will make a difference.
Efficiency- We are trained to carefully use our resources and waste no
time and effort.
Creativity- Introducing creative change in something we established, but
with the purpose of constanly improving.
Compassion- This is a reflection of how we treat each other in every
Service to others- This shows how dedicated we are to our customers.
Goals & Milestones
1. Revenue and Supporting
2. Customer Service Goals
3. Employee Appreciation
Target Market
• Schools
• School supplies stores
• Department stores
• Staedtler
• Rotring
• Other Drawing Tube
Manufacturing Companies
Legal Structure
IDEAPLUS is a corporation. We chose to
organize it in partnership form because it
allows to function dependently from the owners
of the business to suppliers. And one or more
people may operate a company in partnership
form in many states.
Product/ Service Idea
A storage tube that
has a divider for used
and new papers.
Special Benefits
 Customers can easily
distinguish the used papers
and the new papers.
 Papers are organize.
 Convienient to use.
Unique Features
•It has a divider that
separates blank/unused
papers from used papers.
•Variety of colors available
Production and Delivery
The product will be vastly
available thru bookstores, arts and
crafts store, office supply store,
department stores, and online
We choose Alibaba
Group Holding Limited
as a supplier of our
company’s product.
Intellectual Property
Special Permits
This product will be applying for a
patent for the design and unique
features of this drawing storage
tube and trademark for company’s
Service Description
• Sizes ranges from ∅2" 𝑥 15", ∅3" 𝑥 30", ∅4" 𝑥 35"
• Available colors are black, red, blue, white, and gray
• The exterior body is made up of plastic materials
which are durable for any kind of weather.
• The interior part has a divider made up of plastic
which will make it easier for the rotation of the