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Write F if the statement is a fact and O if it expresses
an opinion
1. Philippine exports have decreased by 4.8% this month due
to the strengthening of local currency, official of the
National Statistics Office said.

 2. The national government must sustain its status as the world’s top
exporter of labor.
 3. The energetic and intelligent principal was promoted to education
 4. Report says many teachers are less proficient in English.
 5. Five teacher-applicants were hired because they impressed the
panel of evaluators.
 6. The city is developing due to honest officials.
 7. Teenagers today prefer spending time with friends than family
members, survey says.
8. Voters nowadays are politically
not educated.
 9. Many Filipinos died of dengue fever this year,
medical study reports.
 10. The school paper received no award because it
was not honestly evaluated.
 11. Philippine boxers lost during the 2017 Southeast
Asian Games because of lack of preparation.
 12. Filipinos are less productive than Japanese
because they lack self-discipline.
Identify the five W;s and H of the given
 To prevent potential terrorists from entering the country, Japan imposed
fingerprinting and photographing all foreigners aged 16 and above on their
entry starter August 15.
 Permanent residents, diplomatic visitors and children under 16 years old are
exempted for this preventive measure.
 Takumi Sato, immigration bureau official, said all adult foreigner are
photographed and fingerprinted upon arrival in Japan.
 All images and data run through database of international terror and crime
suspects. Those who will be matching the data on file will be deported at
once. Takumi said.


 Where:
 Why:
 When:
 How:
 Who:
 What:
 About 400 inmates of the Davao del Norte Provincial Rehabilitation Center in
Barangay Mankilam Tagum City staged a noise barrage early yesterday, calling
for the ouster of two jailguards they accused of committing abuses, prison
officials said.
 Beating plastic water containers inside their cells, inmates sought for the
ouster of jailguards Rolando Llanes and Jimmy Pascual.
 Provincial jail warden Darius Sawan said the prisoners accused the jailguards
of torturing them in various occasions.
 Sawan added that the inmates just wanted to air their grievance when they
staged the noise barrage.
 The noise barrage atarted at around 7:30 in the morning and lasted for an
hour, Sawan said.
Write a news on the given data
 -”The Philippines is now the world’s top exporter of labor.”
 -Said Labor Secretary Antonio Brion before the House Committee justifying his
proposed P6.2 billion budget for 2018 on September 5
 -the budget is 800 million higher than the current P5.4 billion allocation
 -He said to congressmen” We are now the no. 1 labor-sending country simply
because Filipinos are very desired everywhere.” he added.
 -”If we are not that productive, we will not be that desired,” he added.
 -In Saudi Arabia alone, he said, the demand for Filipino nurses falls short 2000
 -The secretary also said Philippines is sending one million Filipino workers overseas
every year and totaled them to 7.9 million.
 -The Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA) is aiming to get the
highest increase from P2.5 million to P3.1 million among all agencies attached to
the Department of Labor and Emplyment.
Write a news story in the given press release.

 Briones warns teachers against investment scam

 The Department of education advises the public especially its teaching and non-
teaching personnel not to fall prey to high-yielding investment proposals that are
most likely nothing but scams.
 Education secretary Briones said that there are certain lending institutions or
organizations that solicit investments from the public purportedly for a substantial
return on investments.
 “Offers such as faster return on investment and higher than normal rate of return
to the gullible who are most susceptible to this kind of scam,” Briones added. For
example, an investment of a certain amount will earn as high as fifty percent per
week or month. This financial expert says, in statistically impossible.
 “We therefore warn all DepEd personnel to be extra cautious when offered high-
yielding instruments which are too good to be true because more often than not,
they are untrue,” Briones added.
Write a survey news on the given issue.
 1. Interview 20 respondents of legal ages and ask this question:
Are you in favor of legalizing divorce in the Philippines? Why or
why not? Follow the proper format of writing survey news.
 2. By interviewing 10 teachers in your school, write e survey
news about same sex marriage. Ask this question: Are you in
favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in the Philippines? Why or
why not?
 3. Survey 20 high school students by asking this question: Are
you in favor of the DepEd Order on Homework-free weekend?
Why or why not?
Write news articles
 1. Issues in School
 2. News in the Barangay
 3. National News
 4. International News
 5. Sports News
 6. Showbiz News
 7. Science and Technology Report
 8. Weather Update

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