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As you have watched the
video what is the “label”
attached to the woman in
the video?
Do you agree with what the
woman said? Why?
When you put a “label” on
someone, are you also being
biased ? Explain.
What advice would you give
to woman in the video?
What comments do you
hear from other people
about women in the same
situation as the actress?
How should you react to
Invisibility: What you don’t see

Makes a lasting Impression

This is the most fundamental

and oldest form of bias where a
character is relatively excluded
in a group.
2. Stereotyping: Shortcuts to
This is the most familiar
form of bias, where it assigns
the most rigid set of
characteristics to all members
of a group. It can be positive,
but characters are often
portrayed negatively.
3. Imbalance and
Selectively: A Tale Half Told

This is one-sided
interpretation or
presentation of an issue,
situation or group of people.
4. Unreality: Rose-Colored Glasses

This is the tendency of researchers

to “gloss over” unpleasant facts
and events in our history while
ignoring the true situation that
exist like prejudice racism,
discrimination, oppression and
many others.
5. Fragmentation and Isolation: The Parts
are Less Than the Whole.

This is one form of bias in

instructional materials where a strategy to
isolate certain texts, group or character
can be observed. Often, racial and ethic
group members are depicted as
interacting only with persons like
themselves, isolated from other cultural
6. Linguistic Bias: Words

This is the blatant and

subtle se of words or forms
but has impact on race,
gender, and many others.
7. Cosmetics Bias:
“Shiny Covers”

This illusion strategy

to suggest that a text is
bias free where in fact
bias persist.
Group 1.
Think of words that you
could associate with
prejudice/ bias ? Use the
graphic organizer below to
show your answer.
Group 2.
Choose in the seven forms of
bias in instructional materials,
choose at least one of those
forms. Give one example
which is suited to what you
have chosen.
Group 3.
Make a solution that will
prevent biases in the
Group 4.
Make a
nt which shows
Group 5.
What is an
es of bias? Explain.
Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer.

1. It is the inclination or prejudice for one person or group or concept

especially in a way considered to be unfair.

a. Bias
b. b. Advertisement
c. Fair

2. This is the blatant and subtle use of words or forms but has an
impact on race, gender, accents and others.

a. Fragmentation and Isolation

b. Linguistic Bias
c. Cosmetics Bias
3. It is to believe unfairly that all people or things wit a particular
characteristics are the same.

a. Bigotry b. Stereotype
c. Imbalance

4. It is a notice or announcement in a public medium which promotes the

product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy.

a. Show b. News
c. Advertisement

5. It emerges when a group is physically or visually isolated with the text.

a. Invisibility b. Fragmentation
c. Unreality

Read and understand the

story entitled “Love is