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A wide range of medicines for healthy bones are available that claims to prevent bones loss in
the future. But you might know that healthy lifestyle choices alone can greatly help in building
strong bones. For example, essential vitamins for bones, that includes vitamin C and K to help
improve bone strength. Read to get some more tips for healthy bones and other
recommendations for boosting bone strength naturally.
Include more veggies in your diet
Vegetables are great for building strong bones. They are a good source of vitamin C, one of the
essential vitamins for healthy bones. Vitamin C helps in the stimulation of certain cell production
that helps in bone formation. Some studies suggest that Vitamin, C a vitamin for healthiness has
antioxidant properties which may help in protecting bone cells from damage. Vegetables also
seem to increase bone density, which is defined as the amount of calcium and other minerals
present in your bones. Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that is characterized by low bone density.
Incorporate strength training and weight
Bearing exercises in your workout regimen- Performing specific types of exercises can help you
build strong bones for your later years. Weight-bearing exercises or intense activities believed to
promote the formation of new bones. Such physical activities can be extremely beneficial in
improving bone density among elder people.
Increase protein intake
Try to consume enough protein as it is important for healthy bones. If facts are to be believed,
around 5-% of bone is made up of protein. Studies revealed that low protein intake lowers
calcium absorption, which affects bone formation rates.
Consume enough calcium
calcium is the most important component for bone health, and it is mainly found in your bones.
It is important to eat high calcium foods to protect the bone structure and maintain bone
strength. Because bone cells are constantly broken down to get replaced by new cells, it is
necessary to maintain bone health by consuming enough calcium
Soak up the sun
Sunlight gives you vitamin D, which is extremely beneficial for building strong bones. Vitamin D
plays a crucial role in bone health; it helps your body to absorb enough calcium required to
protect the structure of bone. Achieving a good level of calcium is essential for protecting
against osteoporosis.
Avoid very low-calorie diet
Never consider a diet that is too low in calories. A low-calorie diet not only slows down your
metabolism or create rebound hunger but also cause muscle mass loss that can be a matter of
concern when it comes to maintaining healthy bones. Studies found that diet lower than 1000
calories per day can give rise to low bone density.
Prefer a collagen supplement
Evidence suggests that collagen supplements may help protect bone health. Collagen is a
protein found in bones that contains amino acids, lysine, proline, and glycine. All these
substances are believed to be extremely helpful in building bones muscle ligaments and other
tissues. Talk to a health care specialist before deciding on medicines for healthy bones.
Maintain a healthy body weight
In addition to nutritious diets, it is important to maintain a healthy weight to support bone
structure. You will be surprised to know that low body weight is one of the major factors that
contribute to reduced bone density and bone loss. Studies found that being obese can also
increase the risk of fractures due to excess body weight.
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